Do you talk to ex's poll

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Personally I don’t, I don’t understand why people do, what do you think?

Ex’s should be kept in the past


My ex husband was always selfish and downright mean. The only reason I spoke to him in the last 3 years was once when my daughter was unusually late getting home and I was worried

Yeah, it’s always kinda awkward after you have some history with someone. My ex ended up getting married so I just let things be.


I’m friends with my ex’s, great guys

I dated a girl-next-door type, then we broke up.

I met her in a Bar years later. She had a nose ring, tattoos and was basically a strung-out junkie.

She cursed me for ruining her life when I broke up with her. I was stunned…just finished my drink and left.


I only speak to one ex, the rest are too toxic. I think it’s best to let it go completely, most of the time.


Oh heavens no, they have horrible taste in men

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I still keep in touch with my Ex wife. I’ll ring her for a chat and keep in touch. Been times when I havent’ but it’s not a bad thing as she’s overseas and my step daughter is still around so it’s good to keep in touch.

Perhaps my only friend is a x boyfriend in Sweden.

My other x in sa is one of the best things to ever happen to me.
He is my favourite but I didn’t have the best sex with either of them .

X in sa was perfect partner minus sex n my favourite person.
X in Sweden such a darling thoughtful kind funny.

I don’t have any other friends really.

My boyfriend is best sex and adore him and he knows I’m in contact with them and they know I have a boyfriend.

I did for many years for my son’s benefit. My ex-husband was his father. But after my son died, I cut off all contact. No need for him anymore.

I don’t have any contact with any of my ex gf’s.

Felt sad reading this. Didn’t know this happened to you. I’m sorry for your loss.

My one and only ex re-added me to facebook a while back, and we were just about to go out for a coffee again, but then I got deleted and that was it

Shame it fell apart, but my sexual orientation was all over the place, and I was confused and struggling to commit to a relationship

Now things are somewhat clear, I can try again maybe.

I’ve never had an ex, been with my partner for 13 years now. However, if we ever split up, i wouldn’t want to continue talking to him. I believe in a clean break, but everyone’s different.

I’m thankful to be friends with my ex husband. We have 4 kids together. He’s always willing to give me a hand. Tomorrow my son and him are recharging my car air conditioner. I’m supplying the pizza and drinks. We didn’t get along the first while and that was tough on the kids. Better that we can be friendly.


Almost every day, our separation and recent divorce brought some sadness of course, but no anger or bitterness. We remain good friends.


I’m friends with the few of my exes I parted on good terms with.
I had some friendships that turned romantic, and I made an effort to preserve those friendships after the romance died.
The rest of my exes I avoid like the plague.

İ never contact or saw any of my ex girlfriends.the only ex that i m hanging out with is my ex wife.actually we are going to swimming with her atm.

I had no gf have no gf and have no ex
but I m all ready to mingle

no but once my friend wanted to go to one of my ex’s house after she had married someone else, for some stupid reason, i went along, it was the most awkward night ever. i was just thinking about how stupid of me it was to hangout with them that night.