I don't think I have bipolar :( dunno

I can’t aaaociate with anyone in the group but I accept I’m odd and weird just not bipolar. I think original schizophrenia diagnosis was correct. Before you say it doesn’t matter I’m on mood stabilisers :frowning:

I thought I didn’t have schizophrenia, when I was really ill. You can lose insight. Sometimes you have to trust the doctors.

If you believe you have schizophrenia, then get on a therapeutic dose of an antipsychotic. You’re currently not on an antipsychotic. (5mg of abilify has no antipsychotic properties) .

Are you saying that the mood stabilisers aren’t helping?

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I’m fine for a few days then I feel weird like not myself. Then I feel normal. Then I feel weird again. Yes don’t feel like there helping.

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I always thought I was a mixture, but a doctors recently argued my opinion, don’t really know now which is sz and which is bi polar, I get obsessed with some really odd stuff I normally have no interest in, then it fades away, often not to return.

Maybe it’s part personality, will ask this morning with my new Pdoc, made a note about it, wondering myself. Like yourself I do see myself as odd and weird always have and is why I keep to myself.

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@anon80629714 Might it be you are not on the right mood stabiliser?

hey @anon80629714 concentrate on job rather then medication or Diagnosis…!!

Bit hard when you’re not on correct treatment

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Yeah same here …!!!
i still struggle with right Diagnosis and medication…!!!
btw i am cock sure i am low functioning Szphernick…!!!
take care…!!!

Perhaps you could be like me, schizoaffective bipolar? Though I honestly dislike the bipolar side of me, and conveniently leave it out. I’m on a combination of mood stabilizers and antipsychotics; however, I still struggle with residual psychosis and anxiety for days.

Sza was removed but I originally came here cos I had sz