I don't know what else to do to increase my level of energy

I exercise intensely every day, I take a cold shower every day,
I do my best to eat healthy.
I don’t take any medications.
I feel like I have exhausted all the methods available to increase my level of energy.

can you help me please?

How many hours do you sleep at night? A good sleep during night could help with energy during day, in my opinion…

Thank you @anon51414962 .
The amount of hours I sleep is recently fine, but the quality of sleep is low.

Do you have nightmares? You wake up often during night or what?

Recently I didn’t sleep the whole night, falling asleep only at 8 in the morning.
Also recently I woke up in the middle of the night.
But moreover even when I do sleep continuously ( and without nightmares),
I feel that my quality of sleep is low.

Ok. Do you drink coffee? Coffee gives me energy…

Maybe a sleep study would benefit you

Coffee triggers schizophrenia symptoms in me,
and moreover it is not a healthy method to raise your level of energy.

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I have the same problem, chess dear :slight_smile: Even though that I sleep well and enough. In my case, the negatives kill my energy… Even my sister called me a zombie once in my back :confused: . Maybe the sport could help us but you already do it no? If low energy is linked with depression, you can work on the depression, idk either…
whats up otherwise?

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