I have been lazy and also cannot find things to do

Recently I have been thinking quite a lot.I need to change this and start doing more things,I find that when I do nothing my mind start thinking nonsense and then getting a little stressed up.I am still working for my parents and to be honest,I need to put more effort in work,need to push myself

Come on TX,you can do it!!


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How are you guys doing?

Am feeling bored and unmotivated…

i just woke up and the first thing i thought was ‘i have nothing to do’ and i thought i wish i had some sort of purpose or a reason to get up, i thought all i do is sleep and struggle through the day its not right,

and i need a haircut :confused:

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Go for a haircut,do something,I am glad to know someone feels like me currently,but we can move forward and maybe get over this because we are kind and good person lol

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Hey man, I had a bad week last week, but things are going back to normal and well. I picked some books to read during my break and have some articles to read, that and I am rewatching Attack on Titan in English.

I just woke up and had my coffee and cig, letting them settle before breakfast and Geodon. I’m feeling motivated and am bouncing back from a couple psychotic nights and such last week. I bought some new running shoes online because my current ones are like six years old and they were on sale. I also bought a pack of long Nike socks for the cold- ankle socks weren’t helping…

Gonna finish reading a book on body language today and my friends and I are going for a run and then boxing in three hours. Got my attack on Titan sorted out to an episode or two every night in bed to relax from the physical and mental exertion.

All is well on planet mouse. I see my shrink today and talked to the pdoc yesterday who put me on a little extra Xanax at night to counter the stress of pending applications- I don’t know where I will be in five years with any certainty yet. Gotta wait for those acceptance and rejection letters.

It’s time for breakfast and Geodon.

Everything is okay. I’m doing what I do- working out and learning about psychology, sound hard when it’s at the higher level but its my passion and it helps me rest easy.

Bought lots of gum to chew instead of smoking during the day. Worked before to keep smoking to once when I wake up and no more than that.

I am lucky to have a passion and be legitimately good at it. It’s not really work, it’s freedom to do what I want with my life.

I’m feeling strong after getting hit by psychosis coming back last week.

Stay strong! Whatever motivates you is yours to hold on to when you are set back. I say engage in your passions, like workouts and doing an honest day’s work, and things should be better, feel better, and look better.

I struggle with this ■■■■ too.

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Thanks for your post and sharing.Working out helps me,going to work helps me too I think.Although it’s not really my passion but I know it helps to continue doing

Well, work is a four letter word for some. But hey, what is worse is no work. You’re doing well, in fact better than you realize. Notice how many people on here wish they had an occupation. It’s part of making us feel more human, to have something to do. People need things to do. And, by the way, people need money and a place to live and food to eat. You’ve got all of those things- just gotta work to keep them.

I’m pretty sure that you are having some depression type symptoms. This is really simple- what you actually do and what you actually think and feel don’t add up.

I used to dislike school for a bit when I was in high school and again for my junior year in regards to some classes- they sucked. Had to make those As, I had to endure the present and ensure my future.

It’s really just opportunities to do well- it’s just that they aren’t always as fun as they could be, in fact sometimes a bit like torture.

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This past winter break has not been easy… with my routine all over the board, lots of anxiety, lots of sneaky brained thinking and lots of staying in… which only made it worse.

Back to the old schedule, back to school… routine sure does help me. Taking time off to go do something was easier then just getting time off to do nothing.

I don’t know if I was being so lazy… as much as giving up to my catastrophic thinking… its so easy for me to think something is going to turn out bad… that I avoid going.

But routine helps… I just have to revisit the anxiety management.

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Hmm…do you still go to therapy actually?