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“has anyone got any ideas what i can do online to pass the time?
i get really bored and i dont know what to do when i am online i usually just flick between here and facebook and youtube and amazon or listen to music but i get bored very easily and i find it hard doing something for a long period of time.
any help would be much appreciated.”

Hello daydreamer,

P.S.: Sorry I couldn’t post anything on the forum due to the fact that “new users” can’t post stuff on there. If you get this, please let me know.

It depends on your interest. For me, I watch a lot of anime online and I am an artist and like computers. You can look at my things on DeviantArt - An artist website and my art at “wmchin2003”. I listen to “Electronic Chill” on AOL Radio, plus I listen to similar artist like Bonobo, MJ Cole, or Ursula Rucker on Pandora if I am bored with listen to “standard” radio. I also look at stuff that is similar to art like Japanese Shoji Screens, Moroccan Furniture or Candle Lanterns, Japanese Puzzle Boxes, French Furniture like the ones on “Fabulous and Baroque” website click here, or anything new. I would like to make things like that, but don’t know how to make it. Hopefully, I could find the resources online to make them. You can also look for recipes online that seems new too. I’ve recently was craving “Seafood Pasta Salad” and find something online. Maybe you might like Asian food, Thai, or Indian? I like looking for “new” things constantly. There are also things like “Flipbook” and “Stumbleupon” as well. You just need to find research on the items.

There are many things to do online to kill the time, just it depends on interest.

I usually hang out at bookstores or the library if I am looking for research. I have a job so I could “socialize” with people. However, since I am a quiet person and shy, I usually don’t talk much and I am private sometimes. However, I let them know what is on my mind if they ask, just they need to ask. I also do gardening or look at plants when I get bored, or go out when I am not that paranoid. I try to integrate myself in society so I don’t become a “lonely (crazy) recluse”.

Just as long as your “balance” is not “off kilter”, you should be fine.



thanks for your reply and yes i know about the rules regarding new members, you need to be trusted first i think is the rule for that.

you seem to have a lot of things that you do online, that is an impressive list thanks for sharing it,

i just wanted to take some time to welcome you to the site as well and i hope you can share some more,

the fact that you have a job with this condition shows that you must be managing it very well, what kind of work do you do (just being curious) x

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I work as a grocery stocker.


cool, my friend sweep was talking about that, she said she would like to stack shelves at night when nobody could bother her :slight_smile:

but if she did that she would lose out because she gets more on benefits i think, thats the trouble really,
if i could find a job that i could do that i thought i could stick at and enjoy i would do it just as long as i got the same or more as i get just now in benefits but i still dont know if i could do it.

sorry i am off the topic here, i been a bit confused lately, but its ok

hello daydreamer,

You don’t have to lose out on “benefits” if you talk to your counselor. Hopefully, they can tell you about job information while still getting benefits (I hope that is what you are talking about…) There are supportive employment professionals in a field with counselors at the hospital that will tell you about that. It is best to talk to them if you are prepared to get a job. Just talk to your doctor about this information. They will guide you in the right direction.

But it is up to you to decide if you want a job or not. I did it because I got sick of staying home all the time.


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thanks for the help but i am sure i would lose out in some way, i think that is another hurdle that is stopping me, you see there is the ‘can i work’ problem which is huge and i keep telling myself that there must be something i can do but tbh idk if i could cope with a full time job, i think i would have to do it part time first just so i could get in to the habit as i havent worked for over 12 years and its would be a huge change for me,

then there is the other problem and that is the financial side of it and i know i would lose a lot of money if i tried bc the minute we start paying tax and get a proper wage then the benefits agency gets a red flag and thats when my money could get stopped, its really complicated and i have been looking into things myself and if it can be done it is extremely risky i think but they dont make it easy,

bottom line is that i wish i could find someone proper to talk to that i can trust and is in the know about all of these things.

i hear you about the staying in all the time and that is a big problem but the worst problem is having nothing worthwhile to do, i’d like to say that i done something and people can say that despite my illness i can still work and hold down a job, that would be awesome. the job would have to be stressless and i cannot stand pressure either and also hopefully not affect my chest problem as well.

Alrighty, I wish you the best and take care of yourself. :blush:


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can i ask how you cope with your job? is it hard?

Not really,

but since I have paranoid schizophrenia, it might be different for other schizophrenics. I don’t have a problem as long as I realize the “voices” are not real and actually know my symptoms. I try to ignore the voices (even if I am on meds which REALLY reduce them.) If a person has a problem with me, they can come up to me and talk to me. I just ignore “problems” and go on with my business. How I cope with my illness is to stay “positive” and hope the best in people. However, if I am stressing out about something, I talk to the person or the supervisor. I actually tell the truth of what I am going through if I need to take a day off or two. They are pretty understanding. Just be honest with people and stay positive. That’s what I do…


I work fulltime as a software developer. I am also unmedicated. It is not easy and some days are very trying but I had no other choice, and while I might regret having to push my comfort zone every day and be around other people on my bad days… the paycheck is nice and I have the money to reward myself from time to time for sticking with it. I find a career to be very rewarding and it helps keep me grounded in reality by giving me a purpose and helping me meet my goals. It can be done. You just have to want it bad enough.

Also: Paranoid Schizophrenic is my diagnosis.

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if you could tell us a bit more about how you got sz and how long you’ve had it that would be cool, i’m just asking bc i sort of explained in another thread called - sorry about talking about a job and i mentioned how i got to this point where i am thinking about doing something like that.

sorry if i am confusing people, i am even confusing myself with all of these posts

Are you asking how I got Sz?


I have found the link and saw what you are talking about. I think you are talking about this link?

First of all, you don’t need to apologize. It is a VERY DIFFICULT mental illness to have. I even don’t want to wish this on the worst of enemies. Just be happy, that is what ALL people want (even I want you to be happy). Things will come and go and there are disappointments in life. But in reality, you are learning. LEARN to be happy. You don’t have to be “successful” in life to be happy. Just be happy of what “you” feel and make yourself happy. I know that is difficult, but if you are happy, who cares. You can be poor and still be happy!

Plus, if you want to know about how I got sz (I think it is schizophrenia, sorry since I am new…) here is the link to the topic.

Plus, please let me know if any links are broken. I tried to find how to “link” certain topics and I hope it works.

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hi thanks for replying,

yes that is the link to the thread and your links are working, i read your thread and i was impressed, you seem to have a lot of insight in to your condition and lots of tips and things to share with people.

@sasha i wasn’t asking how you got sz per se i was just asking how you got to where you are since being diagnosed, you must have a lot of insight to be able to have overcome sz to get a job and keep it at bay

I don’t have much insight at all, and to be honest (you can read some of my posts here) some days I am only seconds away from being committed involuntarily. But I am strong and I don’t like to give up. I have a lot to live for these days and I am not going to let this illness get the best of me. There are things I want to do, so even though I have bad days, and well to be honest most days are like living in a nightmare that I cannot wake up from… i try to make the best of my situation. I make up for the days i loose to this illness by giving 110% on the days that I can. And I am still learning how best to do this, there are many areas in my life that need to greatly improve but one at a time I am making efforts to build myself up. I treat it kinda like a video game… like a MMORPG… i have a list of goals and skills that I would like to acquire, areas of my life that I would like to improve. And each small step to achieving those goals is like a quest completed. I seem to work better and keep a more healthy mood when I can have small achievements and awards along the way. So when I reach a goal marker i make sure to reward myself. In addition to this way of thinking I have a great support system to help keep me on track for the days that i wander off my path. But i think the most important quality to develop is the will to never give up. To find that strength inside of you to get up when you are tired and beaten and your body doesn’t want to take another step, and you might not know how you are going to keep going but you just start putting one foot in front of the other and before you know it you are at your goal and have no idea how you got there.

In the words of Yoda “Do… or do not… there is no try”. I can’t give you a secret formula for success in life, all i can tell you is never give up.

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