I don't hate mine, why get rid of them? Anyone else feel the same?

I don’t hate my voices or visions and I think that I’m the only one who doesn’t. I know their names what they look like. I like them, does any one else?


I like them on good days. On bad days I can’t seem to get away from them fast enough.

I’ve had bad days too. Mostly they my friends. I’m looking for other like me.

You’re not the only one. I value mine. At times i even seek them. Even the negative ones I view as lessons…and play them like virtual reality games.
In both 1999 and 2003 right before the spring Equinox I was “visited” by entities from another dimension…Most of this was internal but there were a few visible and audible manifestations. Both times these “friends” spent 11 days with me, every day.
They taught me deep things I didn’t know before, deep spirituality, quantum physics, even some prophecies that came to pass. When I did research and looked up whether what they told me was true, I found out it was true.
There was even other cool stuff that happened, like in 1999 I asked them if they were real then get my girlfriend who had been broken up with me 4 months before to come see me, come within 24 hours, and if she doesn’t want to even have her X tell her to go see me…(which is the last thing that dude would do, as he hated me) 12 hours later she shows up, and tells me her X told her to go…
I also was cloaked and turned invisible to someone one night. they walked by me 3 times and didnt see me but i saw them…I was phased into another dimension but could see both places. He could not see me, when he looked he seemed to look right through me and insisted I had not been there…

So yeah, I enjoy them for the most part and don’t want to get rid of them.

I hated one but liked the others.

personally it doen’t bother me either, sometimes it can get irritating when i am tired .
take care

Hate is a stong word. I don’t want my voices. I want to be normal again. But I don’t hate them. Maybe I just have to accept they are here. They have been around for 4 years. I don’t think they will leave me any time soon.

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I don’t mind my voices. I don’t really want all of them to go away because they help me. I use them to gauge how I’m doing. When they come out and play hard, I know I’m not doing well. They don’t hurt me or bother me as much as they used to.

My doc has offered to give me enough dosage to blast them out of my head. But I don’t want to tamper with the meds. I’m really happy with the combo I’ve got. Besides, they don’t upset me like they used to.

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For me, having them there on occasion IS normal. I had my first vision when i was 8. there was other stuff even before that. It doesn’t happen regularly, like daily. I occasionally hear my name spoken audibly, or a couple weeks ago an audible voice said “God.” But i don’t get the ongoing dialogue very often, not even every year. But I can think of a few times it came on strong and was daily…7 days, 11 days twice…and a few other times for just a few days.
Since I learn from these experiences, and also have been involved in the more mystical aspects of Christianity, and Native shamanism, I find them normal