I don't get people

What’s so fun about revving up your car and parking in peoples neighborhoods.

The point is just to make people hate you?

While if I’m just walking around exercising it’s a problem.

cops are called.

If I’m not hurting anyone or destrying property what’s the problem officer?

Yet These guys in their cars getting to menace me.

It’s questionable they are bothering people but if it’s bothers me it bothers me.

driving around my house means you can easily escape the area I’m not following you or going to your house. so why are you bothered? i’m in my yard staying in my yard and not going to other peoples houses

Yet these cars are allowed to park near me and menace me

Gotta love the law huh?

if your smart enough you can bother people as much as you want.

the fact you wasted your intelligence finding a way to bother me

makes you pathetic brah.

straight up I would never waste my time trying to bother people.

I hardly bother anyone people always find a reason to be bothered by me but it ain’t my problem if i’m not directly doing anything.

if you hate me you hate me HEY! what can I do?

I’m human just like you and an individual. if you can’t handle people being different from you then you need to check yourself.

You have the cops called on you for walking around? Are you walking around naked or something?

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