Everything feels hostile now

i must be having some paranoia big time because i feel surrounded by hostilities.

having this forum kind of nails me into a better reality. thank you because you guys make it what it is.

i understand i am not an angel but i still don’t get what everybody in “real” life is so angry about.

anyways, i did my best to be good to myself and others. that’s all i have to tell myself. i did what i could.

i bet the world is just full of angry people everywhere and it spills over on us with sz because we are vulnerable.

what do you think?



I am sure no one has any problem with you. Why do you feel that way?

who knows, miss mermaid, who knows.

probably just a symptom of sz.

hugs, judy

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it’s not that they have a problem with you, they have problems with everyone! :cry:

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Yes, it’s an angry world. And crap (excuse my french) runs downhill. One of the most stressful jobs is being a laborer. I only say that because everybody thinks that the most stressful jobs are at the top. But its the homeless, us, and other people at the bottom of the totem pole who face more stress than professionals.


aww Judy I am so sorry. I wish I could make you a steak dinner and buy you flowers…hope you get happier soon.

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