I don't feel anything from the depot injection why is it?

so 2 days ago i got it when it was injected flupentixol(Fluanxoldepot) felt an effect from it the next day it stopped. Why doesn’t the injection work? can i just have to wait?
I have anxiety the same way
I am also taking anafranil, klonopin, seroquel, amisuplride

Help me please!!!

Give it some time

yea it could take some time to start working. it’s not like you get a shot and then magically everything is fixed, it needs to build up the levels in your blood first too.

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@lekkerhondje is right. It needs to build up in your system. It may not start to work until after your next injection. I’ve heard it can take 6 weeks

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and in the morning into the afternoon, why do I feel upset and tense? I usually start to feel better in the evening.

can this injection cause depression, nervousness?
since I got it almost all day I have been in a bad mood. please help!!!

help me!!!

Any medication you recieve is meant to go alongside your whole treatment. You will just start to feel normal (whatever your normal is), and you wont feel a profound effect, apart from the lessening of your positive symptoms. Its not like your gonna get high off it. And its released slowly out of the injected muscle anyway.

Its not a magic cure that you will feel.

but I feel almost psychotic in the same way. why not miss the injection? or do we still have to wait with him?

are there any delusions of paranoia when you miss an injection? please help

Likely yes, did you ever stop an antipsychotic without using another?

Talk to your Dr if you want to stop the injection. Maybe the amisulpride and seroquel are enough.