I don’t feel anything from the injection

I’ve been getting fluanxol depot for 3 months, but I absolutely don’t feel anything from it. i am equally depressed, aloof, depressed. How long can I wait for anything to be better? I have schizophrenia.
And fluanxol depot is worth nothing. now my doctor lifted me to get it every 11 days instead of 2 weeks but so I feel nothing from him. Why???

You might need a higher dose. Are you getting any side effects? Is it making you tired?

because schizophenia is a developmental stage and result of untreated silent sinus syndrome

I wanna die really i hate my life

Some people almost expect to get sorta “high” from the depot injection. Its purely to make you feel normal. And if your positives have cleared off you know its working.

Maybe you need an anti-depressant added to your regime.

I have been schizophrenic for 15 years no medication has helped me

my life sucks, i don’t need anyone

Medication is not the “magic bullet” cure all - some people expect too much from it.
Its meant to go alongside other therapys like CBT and learning coping skills to deal with your condition.

what meds did you all try?