I don't do Fridays

Saturdays are for sitting around well how about you sunday what do you do on a Sundaystores are closed businesses are closedyour work comes to a crawl

I used to live in a small town where EVERYTHING was closed on Sunday. I hated it! The only thing to do was to go to church lol.

Now, in the big city I live in, everything is opened on Sundays. Actually, a lot of the businesses are 24 hours, which fits with my schedule well.

I’ve always loved Fridays. It’s an exciting day for me because I know the next two days are going to be leisurely and be what “I” want to do!



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I try to keep my stress levels low - I have to. If I really think about it, everyday is Sunday for me - I keep it quiet and low key everyday - no rocking the boat for me or my different symptoms will flare up