I miss living with my kitty cat so much

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I miss Don Juan so much

I see him 5x a week for about an hour at a time

but god do I miss him :cry:


Can you get a kitty where you live now- not that you’d be replacing Don Juan, think of it as getting him a brother/sister?
There are plenty of kitties out there that desperately need a home.

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If I could I would bring Don Juan here to the sober house. But hes living with my parents until December when I move out of the sober house and back into my apartment. But god do I miss him!! Might go visit him right now


Im planning to get a cat in march when i have more money coming in.

Im gonna go crazy at the pet store and buy all the cat needs and when i have all the stuff im gonna bring my hairy friend home. :slight_smile:


I would be a crazy cat person if I had enough money.

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Sounds like a good plan! Always best to be prepared before you get the animal.

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Haha! Me too. That’s funny

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i have two beautiful baby cats named Laser and Nissan (like the auto company).

I cant imagine being away from them for too long

Why don’t you see Don Juan anymore? What happened, @Jonnybegood? Oh, you’re in a sober house. That must be hard on both you and your kitty. I’m a total crazy cat lover too. I’m never without a cat in my life.

I’d be a crazy dog person too if I had the money.

I left Charlie for two years on an overseas adventure during her teenage years. I thought she wouldn’t know who tf I was but it was probably more affection than before. Cats are a bit cleverer than you think and they remember you.

Get well first matey. It’s better for you adn Don Juan. ( Still my favorite name of the cats on here! ).

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