I don’t like my psychiatrist

She was really stubborn today, Im trying to employ a friend as my personal assistant and I want her to make me a medical certificate. She keeps on saying that I need to wait but I don’t understand why I mean negative symptoms are still there and I need his help with daily tasks. She claims that I am incompetent and talks down on me. Im changing now. I wanna do business with this stuff but she’s thinking that Im some incompetent vegetable. I wanna open a psychiatric clinic in Africa but I need my friend to help me. Then I could get off disability… she even asked me if I remember my signature lol I felt humiliated and she put me in a bad mood.

It sounds like a good decision to switch. Good luck to you in your endeavors!

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She’s rude. I’d switch too.

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How could I be incompetent Im managing the whole economy in my family, I manage tax declarations, commercial correspondence, contact with lawyers all kind of administration… what a whore

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