I don’t know what’s wrong with me?

I’ll nod off on the couch after dinner and then I’ll usually go to bed later and sleep in my street clothes.
I don’t bother with pajamas.

I’ll get up early in the morning usually change my underwear spray some cologne and start my day.

Why do I do this?

Are my negative symptoms that severe?


You are doing better than me. I don’t change my underwear.

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I’ll change my underwear usually every 3 days or so.
Not everyday.

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Well, I have a new friend I’m sleeping with now, so I’m trying to clean up my act.

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Good for you @ElGato

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I can’t see a therapist helping me out with this.

Yeah, I’ve been doing that lately too. Is it negative symptoms? I have a hard time telling what is/isn’t my depression


You could really benefit from a strong nightly routine.

I have one and it really helps me sleep better.

Plus, you don’t want to get in bed with your street clothes,

It gets the sheets all dirty!

Negatives are bad, but you can make some small changes,

Like just changing into PJs.

It’ll make you feel better.


Yeah I’ve been sleeping in my street clothes recently.
Going to make a big effort changing into pajamas.

Thanks @anon54386108

I have a hard time differentiating between negative symptoms and depression also @anon2818416


I wear my underwear for a week straight without taking them off, sometimes longer.

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Is this recent thing ? Could it be signs of emptiness and depression ? Did you get your Vitamin d checked ?


I take vitamin d supplements, I no longer have a deficiency.
I noticed that I’m doing this since coming off Depakote.
I think it could be depression.

I’m feeling real low tonight.



Regardless, I managed to put on my pajamas tonight so I’ll be ready for bed.


The winter blues get me bad. I’ve been doing nothing but laying around most of the week.

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Almost always sleep in my street clothes. Find getting ready for bed to be like everything else, like climbing a mountain. Wear same clothes for days or just throw on a new shirt. If it’s not mandatory I don’t do it.

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Since having negative symptoms in April 2020, I just change my underwear and clothes when I shower which is once weekly. Sometimes I change my underwear if they smell bad. Everytime I pee I clean myself to make sure no pee gets in the underwear.

Also when taking a sh!t I clean my smelly parts with hand soap, water and kleenex. I put deodorant on my armpits after cleaning them with handsoap, water and kleenex. When my head hair is oily I just wash it with water. No more bad smell for a week until my next shower.


i hold on strongly to my routine… after din dins i change into PJs so i can go to bed in them later then.

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