I don’t know what’s wrong with me,I am always unlucky and unlikable

I am a good person,I am kind and don’t do anything bad or illegal,but my life has always been a roller coaster ride even now I am stable yet not stable compare to people around me.Furthermore,I am not likeable,people seems to really not like me and I don’t trust people in general.Is anyone like this?

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I am sorry you feel like that…it might be that people like you but you don’t notice? I d k…hope you get to feeling better.

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Well im actually in a position where im both unlikable likable relevant and totally irrelavant everybody hates me everybody loves me nobody knows me yet everybody knows me. Well whats interesting is that we are here and well it is a fabulous life ! :v:

Also hopefully you feel spectacular soon. And i will transfer some positive energy and vibes your way. Well hopefully it helps! Let me know!! :innocent:

Being unlikeable is not necessarily a bad thing :woman_shrugging:t3:. I think you should be comfortable reaching out to really know if someone likes you. Give them a chance by being friendly. At least in your heart you would know you are a good friend. I consider myself likeable and loveable so I give people a chance to love me. Idk in my culture people aren’t as emotional as western people so maybe it’s just something else that has nothing to do with you.

People hate me, because I go to extremes to avoid things, certain people do for their hobby. I don’t really care what they think, but they’re always lying about me, because of it.

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