I do not want to go back to the old job

I feel so embarrased to go back because I feel I got paranoid about some of my colleagues… so I took sometime off and then coronavirus hit with a lockdown. So I have not been gone back…

In the meantime I had thoughts of changing my whole career. The job really is not something I want to do for life and if I go back I have a feeling I won’t do anything to change that. The only reason why I was there because I got on with the people but now I feel they don’t like me.

Right now I am studying an Accounting qualification from home. It is really difficult as I am two days into it, but this is what I want. I am also looking for an apprenticeship position so I can do my training on the job for this course…

I guess I won’t be going back, but I won’t tell them that yet becasue if for some reason this doesn’t work out I am screwed

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They’ll call you if you don’t show up for work.

Well, I have not been able to go in due to lock down measures. They will call me but I am zero hours. It means they can offer me work and i can refuse and vice versa.

Go for it @anon80629714

I am in a similar position job wise with this lockdown, and I know how hard it is firsthand to decide what to do as these are big decisions.

My opinion is you’re better off doing the training with a firm, as they will want to keep you and their investment in your skills in their company. Sounds like if you landed that opportunity you will be made

Good luck with it.

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If you keep saying no I don’t think they’ll keep you.
How long is your course? You can tell them that you want to take your vacations.

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It is a tough decision isn’t it. And quite daunting. Yes I am looking at apprenticeships. I am fine with being paid much less as long as it is more than the universal credit wage. I am happy with apprenticeship wages as long as the experience comes with it.

Well, there are students who come to work there once a year and they’re still on the books. Either way, I don’t think I want to do data entry for long anyway.

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