I do not know why this happened

I had sex with a black man in a cemetery one time, it was quite traumatic and I do not know this man at all, knew him 15 minutes or so and I have only told like 1 person about it. I hope one day I will understand why this happebed to me.

Like less than a year ago when I had my new car in dallas.

I started doing herion hardcore.

The past year was real bad with the seizures and memory loss and being homeless i can not count how many men took advantage of me.

ah, maybe your on the wrong forum.
We here aim for how to improve our lives in ways that give us hope by being civil and supportive.

Thanks, im venting about me. You do not have to read. My friend Eric died of a herion overdose this year. It was sad.

I am not sure why some people say those kinds of things i bet the person running this forum would probably not agree with this person.

If your talking to me you seem like one of them folks.

Sheesh, here we go again, wind up your gears, flatten your hat, put your old folks out on the porch again…

I smell troll house cookies burning again.

Like 30 that is all i know of. 2016 thx.

Thought so. …

Think about it why would he my moms creepy roomie want me to live at home he wanted me to get raped. Pretty girl laying down having a seizure, guys think ill help her feel better and girl can not tak move anything then i am a bad person. Nah. Its not my fault. I was so happy i went to jail.

I’m very sorry you have been taken advantage of and all of those things have happened to you. Maybe a therapist could help you deal with your thoughts. Also some medication if you’re not on any. Good luck to you.

Thanks i am working on it. Sometimes i had ptsd and seriously believe adrian is here. I will be ok. God bless u.

You guys had it easy.

Hi Neal. Thanks for believing in me, watching me, and liking my hypnotic ways…

I am curious about the future once i break free.

Who will i spend m life with. One…more…will people come back will people go away.

If we were face to face it would be different is it going to be like tis forever you told me i would not see you ever again.