I do a great impression of Rich Little. Only @moonbeam will get this, lol

Doing impressions seemed to fade out these past ten or so years. Maybe I’m wrong. But in the seventies, doing celebrity impressions and ventriloquism were very popular.

Cue the Bob Dylan imitator. “Oh the times, they are a changin’”.

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Ahaha! I bet you do a perfect impression of Rich Little doing an impression of @77nick77 :grin:


I was pretty young when Rich Little was most famous and I didn’t have many deep thoughts. But a lot of times when I watched Rich Little perform, I would think that he did so many different people that he lost himself in his impressions and he didn’t really know who he was or he didn’t know his own personality.

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Yeah true you don’t see impressions as much anymore, except for SNL and the occasional viral video.

I think Christopher Walken has to be one of the toughest to impersonate. Props to those who pull it off well. There used to be a guy who called into a local radio station (in philly) as chris walken. Then eventually they had the real chris walken in studio and the caller interviewed him. It was frwaking hysterical!!!

"I carried that uncomfortable hunk of metal in my ass for 2years, now i give it to you little man"
pulp fiction monologue

Hahaha. One of the best ever. Quenton def knows how to write for his actors!!

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