I can record some impressions here, any requests? Some are tricky but I can try.

Post yours too!

heres my George bush jr

jim carrey

lil wayne (my soccer teammates appreciated this one)


What kind of impressions? Singing? Actors? Cartoons?

Sorry, i meant like actors and cartoon characters.

Mordechai from regular show!

Don’t know him, I looked up his voice on Youtube and it seems way too subtle to imitate! any others?

You sound more like Clinton there…

That’s the voice actor’s actual voice! Strange isn’t it? He’s the creator of the show. It’s my favorite cartoon. It’s out there!

I use my talent for impressionism on things like being a dumbass.

I know people that like the show. Not my thing though.

Well, you choose. I’m sure you’ve got some good ones prepared already. Are you uploading via youtube?

I donno, maybe goofy?

I added some to the original question

Give us more, those are really short :slight_smile:

hey george bush is really good :o)

Thank you thank you no really thank you

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Nah, those weren’t you. They were too good!

Hahahaha the lil wayne was hilarious. That one was my favorite.

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My voice variations are sporadic and don’t really follow any character/persons.

Patrick Stewart is the only one I can do… and its probably a shite job