I didn’t have anyone to talk to so I came here

Anyone else think this forum holds their closest friends.

Hi friends. Thanks for including me in your life. I get lonely sometimes. I’m planning my birthday party. What do you have planned this weekend?


I don’t have anything planned, but tell about your party especially the cake


I am going to Phoenix tomorrow to see my son. We are going to see the new Avengers movie I think.


This forum is pretty much where I get most of my social interaction. I care deeply about a lot of the people here.


That sounds so nice. I hope you and your son enjoy the movie. I have a friend who lived in Phoenix. She just had a little baby. :heart:

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I haven’t planned the cake out yet but that will be a big part of it. I love decorating. So far I’ve thought of the idea to have an Escape room/Murder mystery party.

Essentially they enter thinking they’re finding clues to solve who killed the victim in the apartment and are locked in. A video starts playing telling them of their new storyline being locked in until they uncover the truth. Lol I hope it turns out the way I envision.

Maybe you have some cake ideas.


OMG that’s so creative. How fun.

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Thank you. I need a creative outlet lately. I’m going to transform my basement into an apartment. I just need to figure out all the puzzles to solve and how they’ll go together. I have a few ideas. Any you have please share!

Okay I make this one cake that everyone raves about. It’s a Duncan Hines white cake mix (or whatever your favorite is) and canned peaches (I know that sounds gross but it’s so good) then you frost it with buttercream mixed with cool whip and it is so refreshing and addicting. You can make one just for your family to try it out before the party and you’ll see what I mean. It tastes fresh and homemade.

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oh don’t cook the peaches, that goes in the middle as a filling, between the layers

That sounds so good. I’m going to try that one definitely. I love decorating cakes and trying new flavours. Right now my favourite is lemon cake with milk chocolate ganache frosting.

Mother’s day is a big week for me. I’m doing a special on floral painted cookies and cakes this year. I’ll show you if you’re interested.


oh sweetie they are just beautiful

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I understand. I get lonely a lot too.

This weekend I plan on starting to read “Born to Run.” It’s Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography.

I just got it today yaaaaay. :smile:


That’s so interesting. That just reminded me I bought an anonymous autobiography of a member on this forum. I’m expecting it soon!

Let me know how the book is. This weekend is supposed to be nice. Maybe we can enjoy reading outside in nature.

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Awesome! Yeah the Springsteen book is long, but I’ve heard and read nothing but great things about it :slight_smile:

That’s pretty awesome you got that autobiography. Enjoy your book and the nice weather!


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I will eat at a fast food to celebrate my cousin’s birthday…


Happy birthday.

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My birthday is on Father’s Day. Thank you. :slight_smile: I’m turning 30

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Oh the dreaded thirty… I like thirties better than when I was in my twenties and it’s definitely better than when I was a teen. Hope you like it too. Welcome to the thirties club. Lol

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