I did it! twice in fact...go me

so i did it. i took my bath. stayed in there for about half an hour and you know, once i was in there i was absolutely fine with being naked even though maxim and bradley were in the house. whatever triggered my non bathing three weeks is now on the back burner i think. the real test will be to use the shower instead of the bath…i don’t know why but it somehow feels more open to danger…odd but there you go. so i have good news to tell my therapist on friday when she calls. we are doing exposure therapy. my homework this week was to stand in the bathroom with my top off and my arm under the shower but i thought sod it, in for a penny, in for a pound, just say ■■■■ it and feel the fear and do it anyway, hence going the whole hog and having a bath. i am now clean , hair and lady bits shampooed, legs, bits and pits shaven. i even blowdried and styled my hair and put some make up on before heading out to the vets with cocoa. and i cancelled my mum to take me and drove myself. i was a little jittery on the way there but absolutely fine on the way back. cocoa’s vet is in the middle of town so lots of three lane roads and lights and massive roundabouts…and even better news? after palpating the lump the vet decided it’s just a fatty lump and not a cancerous tumour…happy days!


hey, well done.
take care :alien:

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**AAAHHH-way to go!
A bath does wonders for a person! :smile: **

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Congratulations… I’m glad you got to enjoy a good relaxing soak.

I do love baths…

What you mentioned… is one of the reasons why it took me years to shower… I’ve been a bath man for years… this is the first year I’ve been able shower… that’s only because my sis completely changed the shower head… more gentle and I can hear what going on over the water.

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I must admit.Seeing your post yesterday got me in the shower and shaved as well. The shaving was something I had been putting off. So was starting to look like a wooly mammoth.

How about getting yourself a reward for going through with it. An early Xmas present to yourself. Kudos btw.


i did exactly that dreamscape. i bought 3 new duvet covers and pillow cases, new curtains, some surgical gloves for my hair colouring and a new tablet…spoilt myself rotten lol


i usually love showers and hate baths but now i feel the opposite…i think it’s soething to do with having a shower curtain and not being able to see the door through it. in my last house the screen was glass so you could see through it. in this house, it’s a curtain and frosted so you can’t see if anyone has gotten through the door. i tend to have my bath or shower during the day as it worries me more at night, being attacked i mean… thanks for the congrats x

Glad you’re going through some happy times! Congratulations!

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Way to go Jayne! :smiley:

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