I took a shower today... and survived

The only reason I post this is because there might be someone else who has a tactile thing like I do and has a hard time showering.

I usually can’t shower… The noise, the feeling of the water just hitting me so hard in some streams and then it’s cold then it’s hot… it’s icky and I hate it, and freak out. Plus I’m pretty tall so the water doesn’t hit my head, I sort of have to Limbo to get under the shower head.

But my sis who has been battling the old drippy shower head got something else. So we used to have an old shower head like this…

I couldn’t take it. too much, too loud, too skin ripping. So for 7+ years, I’ve been happy with baths. But every once in a while, I will try a shower… with sad results.

My sis got this…
It’s up high enough that I can get under the shower head, the pressure is lighter and more even and it sounds more gentle. She installed it a few days ago… (she screwed it into the old spigot.) And I finally decided to give it a try…

It’s an entirely different sensation. It’s not loud, it’s even temp, it’s gentle water… I can shower now. What was once something that I thought was just me and will never be fixed, actually can be fixed with different equipment.

Today is the first day I have successfully showered in 7 years. Wow, I think I can grow to like this more.


I normally hear voices in the noise of showers and things like that, though not as much since I started taking medicine. But still it’s pretty annoying as I don’t have a bath so I don’t really wash as much as I should.


That is awesome! :clap: :clap: :balloon: I can only imagine how great this is for you.


That’s great you can do showers now! I can’t do baths. I don’t like the feeling of the tub and it grosses me out to think of sitting in water that contains my body’s dirt and soap. It’s funny I procrastinate taking a shower all the time, but once I’m in there under the hot water it feels so good and I don’t want to get out. Your sister is a smart chick. :sunny:


I think it’s great you can shower now. I don’t feel right if I don’t shower every day.


I can see how baths would freak people out. My sis and I are in the pool so much, I have a feeling that the chlorine level of the bath water actually goes up when I get in.

She’s joked about doing a Cl water test after her bath.

But I am so excited about this. I know I’m like a kid with a new toy. This shower uses less water then a bath, it will take less time. I’ll still take baths when I’m trying to relax and get rid of a headache. It’s odd to think that… in a hurry? Just hop in the shower. :smiley:

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Congratulations! I remember you posting a while back about how you took a shower and nearly died. I am so glad that this new shower head is making such a difference for you. Like you said, now, when you’re in a hurry, you can just hop in the shower. I shower, don’t really do baths, but mostly because the plug in the tub is broken.


Hmm. a little ingenuity at play. Congratulations to both of you for solving that problem.


I’ve found that the cooler the and less forceful the water the less energy a shower takes from me. I use just enough water so I don’t get cold.

I really like the looks of yours. That old one seems sort of ominous.

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This is fab James! Well done for braving it too :blush:.

I’ve always wanted a shower like that, I’ve seen a shower head that does rainfall, I’m trying to persuade my mum as we’re doing our bathroom up somewhat…

Thanks for posting this,
Take care,


I like my sponge+ bucket hospital baths.


that is the same way for me, cooler water and gentler flow really did help my shower experiment.

This is great, J. I could imagine how wonderful you could feel after so many years of bath. Taking shower is a different experience from bath. A change of shower head really works wonders !


Day 4 and I’m still sort of not used to this showering idea. It still sort of blows me away that I can take a shower.

Maybe it really is ALL just the fact that the shower head is different, maybe it’s due to healing just enough to take some different stimuli.

Maybe it’s both. But after all this time of only baths… I’m still like a kid with a new toy. :shower: :smile:


I don’t like showers. But I use them anyway when I have to. I hear screaming and whispering voices when the shower is on. I believe someone is calling for me all the time.
I mostly take baths.

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I’ve been hearing murmuring from the dish washer lately. I know there is no one there, I know it’s not bugged, it’s just the way the water sloshes around and the way it works, I keep hearing a deep voice just murmuring…

It’s really disconcerting. I have to stop it sometimes, let silence fall and then start it again and leave while it finishes it’s cycle.

For the shower, I used to hear voices and feel bugs… started baths. This new shower head is very gentle sounding.


Yay - So glad for you—that’s great news!

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Just found this post…So great and great for your sister for getting it. I love those shower heads


I’d love a shower head like that. I do enjoy taking showers but too many causes my skin too dried out and flaky like since I don’t go out every day I only take about two to three showers a week, unless I know I’m going out and then I take a shower.

I always found peace and quiet in the showers, but I hate seeing my naked body. I feel so ugly to myself. I used to enjoy a nice bubble bath with the lights out and the candles and incense burning but since I’ve gained more weight I hate laying in the tub, I feel like a beached whale, and the water never seems to get high enough to cover me.

I love the water running down my skin though, standing in a light rainfall. I don’t quite have a head like yours but the head I have in my shower is adjustable so I can at least tilt it to where it covers my head. I don’t know if you live in an apartment or whatnot but have you checked what the water temperature down wherever your water heater is set at? Our maintenance man has to change it twice a year, warmer for for the winter and cooler in the spring. This helps with the adjustments of the water getting too hot or too cold, at least it does in our apartment building.

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I would like to take the occasional bath but I have a huge section missing on my bathtub. My bathtub won’t hold more than a few inches of water. My tub was designed to accommodate a physically disabled person who can not step over into a normal bathtub. So they made the tub with part of the side missing so the disabled person only has to step over a few inch rim to step into the bathtub/shower. I miss baths. When I was a kid I would take a bath and read a book, but I would get too relaxed and the book would often slip into the water.

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