Finally took a shower!

After a span of 86 days, I did not shower at all. Same clothes everyday. My socks I found out had gotten holes in them from walking around so much and my toenails grew so long.

During the shower it was hard to deal with the stinging of the water from the shower head. I thought in head If I just go through with this and just breathe I will be cleansed and shed the old nasty me.

The fear I used to have when there would be hand prints or words on the mirror there weren’t any this time. I still checked tho. I just can’t believe I waited that long and how I just didn’t give a ■■■■ about my hygiene. When I’d go out in public I’d go to Walmart and go to the deoderant section and spray myself with Axe body spray sometimes. To covery up my nasty greasy hair that grew to shoulder length now, I’d wear a hat when out in public or going to the gym. I just couldn’t get out of it until I forced myself to do this today. I became alive again after that shower. I feel one with the world again. Before it felt like I was on cruise control and in my own world day after day. The days would go by so fast I remember.

Since I am now coming back to reality and I had set the microwave on fire just before my shower today and I did that on purpose. I wanted to get close to my family again and let them know I"m not a ghost anymore. I am still here. I hope I never have this kind of episode of horrible hygiene ever again.


Glad your starting to feel more back on track and that you want to get close to your family again.

That is exactly why it took me almost 7+ years to shower… I took baths…

My sis changed the shower head to one that is higher up and more gentle flow so it doesn’t feel like shards of glass hitting me.

Glad your back with us… this is really positive news… :thumbsup:


I had no problem taking showers in my teens to early 20’s. I never had that feeling of being watched or things being written on the mirror saying I was gonna die when I stepped out.

Good news you must be fresh and clean and smell like a dream!


Thats just awesome Man - good for you! I have to push myself to take a shower lots of times, but I feel a lot better afterwards :shower: :smiley:


Really great to hear. Congratulations on the progress.


that’s brilliant hunni. sooo proud of you. well done and keep it up. xxxxx


very happy for you and the great progress you have made…


Nearly started a thread about a mechanical invention idea. :bulb: This topic fits perfectly. :bath:

We need a machine to come into our bedrooms. Scoop us off the bed and put everyone in a bathtub. :bathtub: :bath:

How does that idea sound? :bulb:


Great! It will be nice to feel the fall weather with your new clean self!

@BakedBeans I bet in the future our beds will clean us in our sleep.


you are a legend.
i bow to you…oh clean one…
i am due for my dreaded shower…!?!
i am allowed to go 14 days …no more.
take care


It’s not a new invention, it’s called a mother, lol.



Last time I did what you did (but shorter time) I got UTI. You lucky you didn’t have that. :slight_smile:

Or Jude Law like in A.I. :wink:

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Great job!! That’s very exciting. Just remind yourself of how nothing bad or scary happened when you did shower, and how it’s much easier to shower than have to try to cover up and hide yourself in public.

Stick with it you’re doing great!

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That’s great news! I know if I go longer than three or four days I can’t stand myself. I hate showering but I hate stinking more. LOL… I force myself and i always feel better for it.
Congratulations. Keep it up!!

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