I deserve preferential treatment when it comes to the radio

still they won’t play my request at the 5 o’clock punch out just to spite me.

for instance, why can’t they rig a contest so I win! I never get a busy signal when I call in.

which song(s) do you try to request??

My dad gave me XM radio its really the bomb

but I have 5 hip-hop stations as my pre-set and deep tracks

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We play lots of different stuff, albums, and Reel to Reel, sometimes the local rock station.

You know my story, right? They’re all watching me. One of the first when I was standing in front of the mirror said On Air, “Do something with that hair!” Mo-Fu.

ive had some crazy coincidences

I always pass it up to “god” not people watching me though

ha I find it interesting tbh

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Radio Frequency technology maybe, or satellite feed, like the newspapers.

thanks for your response, I hope I don’t get locked.

I would just pull the song up on YouTube and listen if they would never play my request. Sorry Daze but I think requesting songs on the radio is dated. Much more popular a long time ago like back in the 80’s and 90’S.

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I’m doing them service, you see? If I’m tuning in, how many hear them?

yeah I shouldn’t even call into the bas=tards.

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I hope when you call they at least say thanks for listening.

no, they never do, just On Air. Like @Jonnybegood said, there’s so much more, and as you said, it’s out dated.

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