I hate the fn radio

time to turn that ■■■■ OFF at work because its really getting on my nerves and giving me a headache listening to stuff in my car driving around. I prefer silence.

Today at work I messed up and she said it was ok that I messed up but then I felt so much pressure and I kept messing up again and again because I was scared of messing up at that point. Whatever…

On my way home I went to Qdoba. I haven’t been there in years. They closed all the locations except this one on the highway I hardly knew it existed. But I went in and they were closing I guess. Well the girl was real nice and kept calling me sweety and hunny and stuff. And then she was like “I need a sugar daddy” or something to her co-worker, and then she looked at me for my reaction and she smiled and laughed. I gave her a responding smile to make her feel like im not a prick about anything. But what am I supposed to say in that situation “ill be your sugar daddy” It seems I blew my perfect opportunity. But I dont wanna be her sugar daddy. But Life is such. Weird life.


maybe she thought I was from out of town cuz it was on the highway and that’s why she said that.

and then she was like “you probably think us girls are crazy” and that was my perfect opportunity to tell a random stranger I was sz/a but I didn’t do it I have such bad timing

I have Sirius in my car. It’s well worth it.

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as do I im just sick of the noise in my ears it gives me a headache !!! sometimes I listen to youtube too and sometimes I listen to sports. but im just sick of the noise in the car besides siri telling me where I needa go and the sound of engine and maybe rain

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sounds like she was flirting with you, probably thought you looked cute,

i’d flirt back ‘whats the harm’ i wouldnt be like ‘i have sz’ instant turn off, i think we need to keep it under wraps until the right time,

easy said but i wasnt there :slight_smile:

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