So trying to limit my phone and internet use to business hours

Stopping at 6pm and turning off the phone


sounds good, Jim.

What will you do instead?

I take frequent breaks, but usually not on at night,

just listening to music in the living room, rocking in my chair. :slight_smile:


I was gonna watch movies or listen to music


it’s good to pace too

gets the legs moving from sitting too long

Phil can’t stand it though when I do it.

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What music do you like @Daze?

we’re really into Phil’s reel to reel tapes right now

they’re recordings of various songs, stuff you never hear on the radio anymore

I’d say it’s mostly 70’s, really digging it.

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I knew a musician that loved the old tapes. They have a warm analogue feel

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Phil spends a lot of money on this stuff

we’ve got two reel to reel decks

4 speakers, two receivers, two turntables

I guess he’s going to turn around and make a profit on them

by selling some of it. The swap site is his favorite go to.


So this is my plan. After 6pm the phone gets moved to another room. I can still hear it to catch calls but is not in Immediate proximity.

It is my hope my focus on tv and movies will improve.


So I failed at regulating my phone use :crying_cat_face:

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