Cutting warning trigger

I think I can stop cutting myself. I went to see my dad but I turned around. Some girl in a car called me a lesbian. I can’t cut myself because my bf has a friend visiting. I need to get over the name calling thing. Am I the only one here who self harms?

Honestly I feel my life is thankless.
I have to constantly fight the feeling that I don’t want to live.
I have learned that I need to have very low expectations.
My expectations are very low.
I am willing to live a life full of difficulty and suffering.
I am willing to suffer my entire life, up until my death.
I don’t know the point of it all,
but my goal is to live as long as possible.


I used to struggle with self-harm. When I stopped, it helped me to transition to other things to get the endorphin rush. In the beginning, I wore a rubber band around my wrist. I would snap it every time I felt like cutting, and it would hurt a bit, but it was much less dangerous than cutting.

Another girl here uses a magic marker, and draws lines across her body instead of cutting. She says it gives her a similar release, but again, without the danger.

Other people have taken up exercising as a way to release endorphins without harming themselves.

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And a quick reminder to everyone that this is a thread for advice on how to STOP self-harming. It is not a place to compare techniques.

Today I found a really good coping strategy for picking scabs, eating a pomegranate with your hands! Made me feel a lot better.

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Hey @ninjastar I thought I had another comment but it didn’t show up, did i not post it or was it breaking the rules? Sorry if it was! :sweat:

Yeah, it broke the rules. We have found that any time someone discusses specific ways they harm themselves, the people in recovery find themselves struggling with the urge to do whatever was discussed.

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@tyme No we don’t need Jesus we need endorphins to make us feel better and more in control which is why people get addicted to self harm… You don’t see me trying to tell people about satanism to help with their mental issues so maybe you also shouldn’t force your beliefs on others. (Sorry if I sounded mean, I’m not angry at you)

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@ninjastar sorry about that, I’ll remember for next time!

Well im going to lpokup things too keep frpm cutting

maybe some of these could help you out


@valiumprincess that is a great list! Thank you for sharing it!

The only thing I would remove from the list is very hot/cold baths. In moderation they’re fine, but for someone struggling with self harm, they could take it to an extreme and seriously burn themselves or give themselves frostbite.

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Exercise gives a person endorphins. Maybe that would help.