I channeled aliens / hello

I wanted to find like-minded people on since I have struggled with schiz’ for 5 1/2 years and for the last year have been getting better, BUT…

…It would be good to find like-minded folks who go through that wondering of finding others. I met aliens and gods and goddesses and they all talked to me extensively for years. It became negative, and that’s when fam’ noticed there was a problem. However, I always wondered… now that I am better, is there anyone else out there that feels that they both have schizophrenia and a curiosity about aliens, and truther topics, too? How far do I go?! Who else is out there, someone say hello back! Any followers of Stephen Greer/Laura Eisenhower/David Wilcock/Corey Goode out there?


yes i used to follow all those people and watched all those videos. But i had to stop cause it was causing my schizophtrnia to get worse. I changed my mind about all that stuff now im not as obsessed. I used to listen to david wilcock and beleive what he said about the ascension but now i realize he is full of crap and he is always wrong about everything. Basicly i dont think about the stuff anymore cause really is very toxic for the mind…


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…true. Did you ever feel that they were somehow onto something, and it is just too toxic to deal with IF you have schizophrenia. Like, maybe leave it to other people, and it’s too much of a dangerous terrain for us folk?

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Thank you!! :upside_down_face:

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Ya. I watched a lot of videos and read articles and had a gaia tv subscription for a while. I got sucked into it. Believed in it and fell for it. Like i thought i was in those programs in my past incarnations, but its not healthy for us. I just ignore it and try to be content in life.

I get dreams where i was told i was abducted by SSP, was a super soldier, milab, montauk boy, monarch victim, illuminati victim, been to dumbs, mars, moon, parallel earths, etc.

I got tortured by aliens and people, but aliens are worse. I figured it all boils down to christianity and were dealing with hardcore demons and ■■■■.

Ive seen thousands of aliens and lived through alien invasions before. I just reincarnate and believe we live in a sim and escaped it before.

I feel some aliens are good and protect me, but some are demonic/satanic AI.

Im pretty sure i was tortured and died thousands if not millions of times…


Did you ever have any friendly alien conversations?

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Not really, but they cured my schizophrenia before. I keep getting schizophrenia in every life…repeating life…

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That’s interesting how they cured it as well as “caused it”. Almost like they “play both sides”?

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Ya i figure they caused it and cured it. I have theories.

What are your theories?

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That i was john titor in a distant past life. They gave me schizophrenia to make me look crazy so no one would believe me.

They took me out of the sim, experimented on me, turned me psychic through torture, etc.

Im experiencing backwards reincarnation. Ive seen history change like an experiment. I was sent to thousands of different planets, some of which got destroyed.

They want me to be Christian. Life has improved. Its about control among other things…

They said i saved 3 billion people. But i felt like i just delayed it by a decade or two…

I believe in End Times…

I also messed up a lot in other realities by trying to change history on behalf of bad people…ive seen the planet get destroyed…

This sounds like what I went through. There is always an impetus to be Christian, or a story that the person should become Christian. I don’t know what that is about, but i think many people hear that message. Like, the aliens always share that message, that the person should pray more, and be a better Christian.

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“Truth is not something outside that needs to be discovered, its something inside that needs to be realized”. You are searching in the wrong area, and if you follow it all the way down the rabbit hole it will lead into madness!


I’m still plagued by alien crap in positive symptoms, but I no longer acknowledge or believe in it. I now have the insight that tells me it’s just my broken head acting an arse. May watch related content for entertainment, but only when I’m stable and it won’t wind up my illness. Playing games with your symptoms is a great way to stay sick forever.

Welcome to the community.

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welcome to the forum @AlexE1986

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thanks for that!

Good advice. I wonder if I can ever strike a balance though. Aliens and extra-terrestrial topics must be the most fascinating topic in the Universe…