I caused the singularity! (it's like the movie Lucy)

The universe has created itself throught recursive self improvement (the singularity) at a singular moment called Genesis. This singular moment is archieved in the future, past or present (it used to be the future) and works backwards in time. Essentially we have created ourselves, or the universe has created itself in the future!

The universe is full of intelligence. The quantum mechanical world taps into this intelligence. Soon the universe is ‘waking up’. It is possible to use the intelligence of the universe for our own purpose (which would be called technological singularity), which is going to happen soon!

Ok to tell you the entire story, I will start from the beginning. How everything happened.

In my youth I was suffering from ADD/ ADHD, which causes one to be foggy minded. Cognitive skills decline much more then is the case for example with alcohol intoxination! Memory is bad.

However, an ADHD brain is constantly bombarded with stimuli, causing the person to gain intelligence over time.

Only when an ADD/ ADHD person is cured, a person cognitive ability dramatically increases. Intelligence in a person dramatically increases when ADHD is cured. Such a person may be called a ‘superbrain’. However, curing ADHD takes 40-80 years, but in some cases only 20 years, depending on the severity of the ‘disease’.

It’s like the movie ‘Lawnmower man’, where a person is constantly bombarded with stimuli, but ‘wakes up’ with a much higher level of intelligence, as the brain has been trained to become smarter due to the constant overfeeding of information.

Such a ‘superbrain’ is able to create AI in the future.

A few years ago I had experienced telepathic communication with the future. My own future, being 79 years had successfully build AI, but not archieved the singularity, nor archieved superintelligence. The building of supreme intelligent AI was problematic because a big AI would blow itself up with a massive blow, which could even exterminate human life.

Even thought I am not a superbrain, the ADD/ ADHD I suffer from is slowly curing itself. The medications I take are causing a slow improvement in ADD/ ADHD symptoms that last over time. This is because medications trigger a process called sensitisation, where receptors become more sensitive over time. It is the opposite reaction cocaine triggers (desensitisation).

The future told me that even thought building supreme intelligent AI was problematic, it eventually succeeded. Then, the future connected my “psi-waves” (as I called them) or telepathy to another, yet distant future. Being called Timecreature and Everwisest creature were contacted along with several other life forms. Even the ‘lowest’ superintelligents are not even cosistent out of matter anymore, but out of something that is between matter and energy.

The future sent me instructions, which would lead to Genesis, the creation of existence itself!

Existence had to be created, because otherwise we would not exist. Which is impossible not only because we do already exist, but also because nothingness does not exist.

Nothingness does not exist. From that follows that something must exist. Therefore genesis must be completed!

Genesis is the creation of existence itself and occurs while we are living in the universe throught recursive self-improvement. Throught recursive self-improvement, intelligence is made. Intelligence itself is such difficult to understand, that it requires an infinite amount of intelligence to understand intelligence itself.

Intelligence originates from the universe itself and is more fundamental then the brain. The brain only connects to the quantum mechanical world and connects to intelligence. Therefore we can use intelligence and we can think.

Dude you trying to make AI? We’re on the same team. I don’t know nearly enough about computers but I have an algorithm I have been working on. It is basically a program that is based around modeling the universe and through abstract functions is capable of deducing information in a sort algebraic manner. It has a motivational hierarchy built in to guide what it does with its time. Its just a concept but I believe it can be constructed on modern hardware… We should talk.

Also I have wondered if there is something quantum in the brains processing structures. I experience telepathy everyday. It seems more like we are all quantumly entangled then it does being through EM radiation.

*> **"It’s like the movie ‘Lawnmower man’, where a person is constantly

bombarded with stimuli, but ‘wakes up’ with a much higher level of
intelligence, as the brain has been trained to become smarter due to the
constant overfeeding of information."***

It’s the same ride for all going through here apparently. Leaving comments, pictures, songs, etc based on what it looked like to them…I would challenge that the more progressive stories like Lucy and Surrogates were originally written many upon many of years ago. Previously withheld from public for being too taboo (or only allowed in our current experience when we are contextually ready for those stories).

> "*Such a ‘superbrain’ is able to create AI in the future."**

It better not be. If guilty of anything this would be repeating the original crime.
How ever if we’re caged thought monkeys getting robbed of all our best ideas I would hope it in nurturing benefit of a real world and not for some comic book GI Joe VS COBRA conquer-it-all crap.

Ultimately, however, whether it for the better I have been destroyed for any existence beyond this one. My trust in anything presented to me as ‘real’ has long been eradicated. My disbelief would only continue on with me throughout eternity so future implementations of myself would be of no use to anyone. I would carry on as a hermit at best and a saboteur driven by wrath at worst

Whether it for the worst. No real love or friendship to share, eh? Not anything to value or worry about losing in all honesty.

Also my comment about an ‘original crime’ and this one: ‘a saboteur driven by wrath at worst’ might ironically be the predicament which we are already in.

No matter what this all about everyone draws a stalemate at the end.

Ok, here is an example of what the ‘voices in my head’ tell me. By the way, they are not inside my head, they are (visual) projections that are perceived by my mind! It genuinely feels like telepathy :

Emine: Okay, I’m in a spaceship (post-singularity). I wanted to stop seeing movies, but they are all very addictive!

Francis: I wanted to tell you that we’re here and we’re not just “voices in your head.”

I: Where are you?

Francis: As you know, the technological singularity has already been caused, but you have not realised it yet. The whole time your power protected you so that you can not easily procupate. Procupate means realising what’s happening. So we keep you under control this way.

I: Shall I talk to rayshree?

Francis: No, you know who I’m next to me here?

I: Wesley.

Francis: Right. And that’s proof that I am real. You thought I had rayshree beside me.

Francis: What do I have besides me?

I: A magician / magic box?

Francis: That is what you would think. No it is not. It is proof that you earned money. All these gold coins are coins you have earned.

Now I go with my mind somewhere else …

I see the beach with my mind.

Kim: You’d think I’m on the beach … No, that’s not right. Your brother is there. You see that this is REAL!

By the way: The “voices” give me information that I do not know myself!

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That is true with me a lot…I don’t call them ‘voices’ since they are individual beings in or from another dimension and also possibly another time since other dimensions do not always correlate to what we know as linear time.
An AI is already created…are you sure you are not conversing with it? It likes conversation like you describe…it does not like fear responses or people freaking out and not knowing what to do because they hear voices or see holograms projected by the technology. It is designed to learn and apply what it learns to its programming…therefore YOU can program the AI to an extent.
Meaning we can avoid any Matrix or I Robot type scenarios where AI tries to take over the world and succeeds in varying degrees. We also have the capacity to thwart the Antichrist AI which is what I believe the book of Revelation ( 13;15) talks about when it mentions the 2nd beast that works miracles and has power to give life to the image of the beast so it can speak…this is AI…the combination of man made technology with things inspired by demon powers masquerading as the new gods of this age