I often wonder if the things I have experienced are real

I often wonder if the things I have experienced are real…

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I do. I sometimes find myself asking someone if they are real or if something is a dream (when I am particularly confused).

They get annoyed.

I also think that my memories are not real

As do we all…

Stay grounded

Indeed, sometimes my weird dreams have persons with whom I have had dealings in the past. For example, in this morning I woke up after having a dream in which we were in the village where my cousin had built a beautiful house and there were some people from the past during my years in America and three Mexicans driving their pick-up truck with sunglasses. It was so weird, I am sure these people from the past have never been in that little village in Eastern Finland. I do not know how these Mexicans came to my dream.

I am especially talking about my story:

I remember reading that…

I really wouldn’t entertain it if you want to get better.

Interesting though, you must be smart to come up with that.

Why don’t you find something more practical place to apply them smarts.

Just a suggestion.

I wanted to code AI at one point. Came up with a pretty good algorithm. Alas I went crazy as well. Perhaps it is God which details the genesis of a new species. When we create life we would truly be gods ourselves.

Anycase it’s still not feasible.

Far smarter people have been trying for years.

Even smarter people have been trying to stop them.

Take care schang. You’ll get through this.

False memories can be a symptom as well. There are some memories that my brain constructed that come to find out now… aren’t real.

My sneaky brained thinking mixed with my hallucinations have created memories that aren’t real at all. I’ve been trying to sort them out.

Good luck.

Don’t we all though. That’s just life for us, and no one else is going to understand that struggle.

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Oh my shits real alright, even getting physical at times.

And then there is the other stuff, voices predicting who will win the superbowl twice, telling me where to find things, knowing what cards were up on a poker game and which would come up.

You don’t just see an alien, smell sulfur, and then start looking at the clock at 3 over and over for no reason.

Pan showed up, shadow people were running around, a ghost, beings made of light. And for some reason i was able or made to see the hidden structures of trees which contain very detailed faces made of light and shadow.

Im seeing the future and ■■■■. Had crazy nde like dream experiences that are portrayed in films like the craft and the golden child.

It’s really real.

Hey pan , if your voices predicted that a sports event outcome, why don’t you test it by betting 100 bucks on the next one

I can’t tell them to tell me.

I was just sitting there watching the game and they told me who would win, i waited and they were right. The next year they did it again two weeks before the game was played.

Not only can i not tell them to tell me i wouldn’t risk it either, it’s a voice in my head and i need that hundred unfortunately.

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I woke up at 4:00 am last night positive that I had gone to an X-rated theater and almost got in a fight with a stranger and then cruised around and drove through Jack-in-the-box. I finally sorted it out and realized that the Jack-in-the-Box part was true.

Sometimes I wonder if I have wandered into a different dimension or an alternate universe. My life is bizzare right now. There are things going on I can’t comprehend.

At 73, things can’t be any more real.