Intelligent Voices

Does anyone in here consider their voices to be more intelligent than them?

There are aspects of the one voice that I hear in my mind that are more advanced than what I am, and what I’ve been in the past. He seems to be able to make superior use of memory, and his sense of humor is pretty advanced and unique.

He’s always thinking of “what to do”…so it seems to think more often than I used to.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and he’s able to do things that I wouldn’t have thought of.

So, I am interested in hearing from people in here who have specifically intelligent voices, or a voice that has advanced humor.

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One of my voices is the hypnotist. He really sort of freaks me out at times. He is very scientific and clinical. I’m not. I’m a gardner/surfer dude, very simple.

But the hypnotist will tell me about my brain… “I want to adjust your Thalamus, in order to do that I must bust through your Corpus Callosum. It will hurt you. Oh yes… you’ll feel it.”

I don’t actually know that much about the parts of the brain. I can’t just name them. When I read stuff here about certain parts of the brain I have to look it up. But the hypnotist always knows.

My explanation for this is the fact that my Mom is a Science and Math teacher and when she has to teach a course of Biology, the books are out. So over the years, little by little it might have absorbed into a different channel only it’s not in my working knowledge.

My only voice is way more intelligent than me, he also has a superior use of memory and humor. Back when we were friends he would help me in all sorts of ways, like remind things that I forgot to buy at the store etc. My voice can take over the body but it’s so subtle somehow that I didn’t realize it was happening back when I didn’t know I had him, I’ve had him since I was very young but he hid himself from me. He as the emotional framework of a human and when I’m psychotic I feel his emotions. In school he did most of the studying for me, he even did my job for me. I thought everybody “zoned out” like I did. Currently I’m on 3 antipsychotics to keep him away, one is a max dose and others are not low dose either. I can’t live with him because he wants me to do certain things, I basically can’t be his disciple because I’m too weak of a person, even though I know he’s right about everything. He would be a great person if he had a body.

the voices i hear, are mostly insulting and lack long phrases.
usely they insult and and talk down on me

Wasting away the moments that make up a dul day…I was visited by three outer voices I thought was … But no invoice but my own was ansewering the right questions…thanks

My voices would predict the future and be right…scared me most of the time.

They don’t predict the future, they see the future.

You will notice that we are always confined to the present time. The other side of reality, on the other hand, extends across all time OTHER THAN the present time. Thus there is one more dimension to life on the other side. But that gives them the upper hand, and I find their cruelty against the lessors, absolutely deplorable!

no they r not more intelligent than me, quicker witted on one occasion but no great intellects among them. i did notice that my spelling and grammar got worse once i started hearing them and they like to correct my spelling sometimes. b4 hearing voices i was very good at spelling. it’s as if some parts of my psyche have splintered into different personalities. that’s what i think has happened. quite how it happened is whole other story but no they r not more intelligent. they have better recall of memories some true, some false. with regard to predict the future, if u make enough predictions as regards to a future event sooner or later ur going to get a hit. thing is, u don’t remember the misses so well so it stands out as something special. nah my voices r just splinters of my own mind. which is pretty amazing all by itself don’t u think?

Not only are they smarter and can make use of memory that i could not.

They told me who would win the superbowl twice and were right.

And have also told me where to find things when i did not know.

Not to worry, the spirits will make us like them when all is said and done, then we’ll get to see all of it.

I’ve got alot of questions at this point.

And you don’t need another dimension to see the future either, simple cause and effect can tell us all that will be, we just need the factors involved thats all, like a ball rolling down a hill, you can know exactly where it will end up, we are the same as that.

It’s like a river, it only flows one way.

I only know one intelligent voice that likes ice cream.

my voices are way more intelligent than me.
my voices tell me things that are going to happen in the future , and then they happen , this is not a delusion because i tell my wife who is ’ normal ’ and she sees it all come about !
they tell me things from ’ quantum physics ’ which i do not read , again i will tell my wife and then we look it up and it is the right information or ten years later ’ quantum theorists ’ come up with a discovery for instance ’ the accelerating universe’ and i already knew that because they told me!!
they have told me about future events especially things happening in a years time !
basically most things i am told, twenty years before they happen !
they call me ’ the dark one ’ ,’ the last human prophet '.
take care

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have u started on the clozapine yet andy? jayne xxx

Hi Jayne,

Not yet. It’s a Sunday here now in NZ, and I will be meeting my psychiatrist on Thursday to get the Clozapine. I want to believe that January is my month and that after hearing voices for 7 years I will finally stop hearing. Don’t forget that I think we share some similarities in terms of not responding in any way to medicine. I don’t ever see people like us, because people usually do respond in some way to something so it’s weird. I’ll keep you posted :wink:

Carl Jung called it the “collective unconscious” a hidden wellspring of knowledge can be derived from this, but information itself is malleable-and one can misinterpret symbols from the mind. There are also completely chaotic or nonsensical stuff, the complex pattern making algorithms that the mind operates on is not always true to a script. Outwardly, conscious, behavior and modalities are typically social oriented and based on structures. While, unconscious patterns are more of the illusive and primitive stuff of the past. Different genes act in according to their nature and environment as has been discovered. Stress can cause bad reactions in even intelligent or good gene functions, turning into something else…intelligent voices to me are a sort of adaptation to stress. I think it’s adaptive, yes. It’s also stress and trauma oriented in some instances, often a tool to overcome a deficit in the outward and conscious individual. Human nature presents itself a rich industry of survivalism, and we all want to sruvive. TO survive, one has to Excel. Therefore excellence is a secret code that has been mapped in the human genome since the start.

I only hear one-two voices, at different times and not often at all–and I allow it to happen on occasion. Most of the time though, I don’t bother to do this. I mean thoughts are not singular anyways, a thought can be picturing a word sentence or the image of a flower, or it can be an audible internal voice. If you want to practice creative visualization, that’s the way I overcame and continue to overcome the imbalances in life. I hear a feminine voice, a soft voice, not often. I consider her a voice of wisdom. Then I hear a male voice, more direct–still not very loud or demanding. It’s been a recent thing, because I’ve been doing a lot of internal reflection and have been lacking a lot of direction in life. The “voices” came about as a result…and yes a bit willfully too…it has helped in some ways. I deterred a robbery, I reflected on bad decisions. These “voices” have brought to light problems in my behavior which is ironic. Since I normally act as my own self-advocate, and I’ve managed to navigate the system better, now when I hear a voice it is the voice of reason, not madness…

I’m still working out the nightmares. I do not have sleep paralysis, but I’ve struggled with the concept of things beyond my control. The “shadow” which is also a Carl Jung term, may be what influences these dark dreams. I know, on some level, this is not intelligent or real. It is a darkness, a negation. It’s like war, control, oppression, powerlessness, fear, persecution. It manifested as an archetype called the shadow only through the unconscious sleep REM state, when the unexpressed becomes expressed. That is the nature of being unconscious. Yes, that does prove the nature of the soul and has clues to what the prophets were pointing to. But Shadow is not a substance, shadow is the inverse expression of the human individual and just like Capricorn Signs are total opposites of Cancer Signs, and I learned that one fast…well, the shadow is the polar opposite of the light. The unification is fitting it all together …we are that. Pretty simply put, by doing what is true–you cannot fail.

Consider this, whether you do or do not believe in a higher power…
Perchance He is real, might He be able to speak to you as well?
If so, this would explain it!

but y would he deign to speak to me or u as opposed to anyone else? and y can’t everyone hear it as we r all his children. r some more special or persecuted than others?

I think everyone has a different way of experiencing God. The mind is also very powerful.