I can't tell whether it's physical or mental

I often will wind up falling asleep with my light on, mum gets up a lot at night to either check on me or go to the toilet. So she will come in and turn it off. It’s a bad habit but I just don’t recognise when I’m going to crash out.

Anyway the other night I woke up when she turned my light off I was wide awake in seconds but then all of a sudden I got lost in space, I couldn’t tell whether I was lying down, sitting or standing up, I couldn’t feel where my hands were in space, you know like you can see your hand in front of you in the dark, I do have a night light but it’s not touching this. Its left me very confused, it also happened again last night, also when i close my eyes which I did as an experiment and I’m wondering if I’m being transported to a different dimension of space or whether it was something physical that I should be mentioning to neurologist, or if it’s dissociation or some from of delusion that hasn’t made sense yet?

But surely if it’s dissociation it wouldn’t be happening when I close my eyes? I don’t know what’s happening, I mentioned it to mum yesterday morning and she says ‘wow, how cool is that’ and then ‘it’s dissociation’ but I’m not entirely convinced and as it happened again last night my head stuff is taking toll. I’m just waking up wiped out.

It’s so very odd I can’t even describe it right, it’s like I’m floating, however it doesn’t come with joy or freedom it comes with utter confusion.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this? Or anything remotely like it, I used to believe I could participate in astral projection but it’s not like that it’s like I’ve entered a vacuum, I’m trying to get this under control before it controls me,

Any replies appreciated, thanks,
Take care,


Does it happen everytime you close your eyes or is it just when youre falling asleep? If its just right before sleep than it might be sleep paralysis. If its all the time id mention that to the doc . It doesnt sound good

i travel to places in my dreams every night, different universes, aliens, worm holes etc…
i find it interesting and fun…but if you don’t like it maybe get some pure lavender oil and put on your temples and a little on your pillow, it will sooth your thoughts and relax you more when you sleep.
there is nothing to be scared of out there, we scare ourselves, saying a mantra before you fall asleep " i am strong , i am brave " and repeat this …untill you fall asleep.
perhaps play some calming tibetan monk music, classical music ’ bach’ or ’ chopin '.
take care