Out of body

I’ve been having a lot of out of body experience’s. Does anyone else have this problem often?

Somewhat like that. I get stuck between dimensions. I’m still in my body but I’m in another dimension.

Yes, if you mean astral projection, I had it once, I saw how my bird looks like and I got out of my room’s wall, but when I saw the height and the neighborhood from high up I got scared, I never tried it again…
Be careful about this you might get out of your body and never be able to come back, a lot of people got to places and never came back…I know people who go to other countries and have friends there while their bodies are in another place across earth. If astral projection is what you’re talking about, not the out of body delusion …

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I’ve been having a lot of out of money experience’s. Does anyone else have this problem often?

Money floats out of the wallet and for some reason does not return.


I’ve been having this happen a lot lately. For some reason, I seem to pop out of my body… I was told it was depersonalization/ derealization and it is a reaction to high stress.

When it happens I am in stressful situations, but I’m oddly calm until I get back in my body, then I’m ready to fall apart. So the trick is not falling apart when I’m back in my body and seeing what’s going on around me.

My kid sis and I lost my 6 year old nephew at a street market for a moment, and I remember feeling like I was floating right out of my body. I remember thinking I could spot him from above when I fly up there. I’ve been ending up out of my body more then I would like. It’s been happening in public a little more often for some reason. If I’m out I’ll hold on to my kid sisters hand a little tighter and concentrate on that hand as the anchor. That has been helping me not feel so completely disconnected from myself.

@jaynebeal gave me a good idea about mindfulness and concentrating on something else and really letting that one item sink into your head. I hope she posts the idea again because she explained it so well.

But I’ve been finding that if I also hold onto a glass bottle of ice water and really feel it, and look at that only for a moment, it will help anchor me in my body. I use that one when I’m feeling like I’m floating away in my math class.


Ooooh, it seems like you’re talking about the delusion of feeling out side the body, I feel embarrassed lol, I sounded like a mentally ill person ! oh wait I am … :wink:


personally i like those feelings , who needs drugs !?!
take care

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