Out of Body Experiences

This has only happened a handful of time really, but the first time is the clearest memory.
I was laying on some sand while my sister played baseball and then suddenly I was up in the air looking down on my body. It seemed to last forever, but when I finally reentered my body I turned to my friend and asked her if something weird had just happened to her. I can’t remember anything else regarding the matter.

Other times it was just a symptom of being a little too catatonic I think.

Have you ever had an out of body experience?

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I have them occasionally, its calmed down a lot but I still have bad depersonalization points.

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Any idea what causes this?

Not sure, it just either happens or is induced via stress.

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My mum often talked about having one when my brother was being born. Also the only one of my immediate family not to be diagnosed with a mental disorder. Although I’m very inclined to think she has bipolar.


It’s all in the mind, we can be made to see anything at all as if it were really happening.

No one leaves their body.

I’ve heard of shaman doing this but they are not really going anywhere but in their minds and are not in control of it at all.

lol well ive had several out of body experiences. the first is when i was on psych watch for being suicidal. i was so relax laying face down on my bed and then i was my body as if my roof didnt exist and i was flung toward my body. and it actually gave a metaphysical response to my body by flinging it up in to the air about a foot off my bed. other times ive had out of body experiences is when ive been trying to meditate and try tot metaphysically push myself out of my body. the only problem with it is that its hard to move im always unable to move except for my arms the rest is just dead weight. but mostly when doin it i see things that will happen in my future. ive jotted down several of my experiences about 6 months worth of out of body experiences and dreams to see that about 90% of what i saw became real at some point in the year after i had the experience. although the experience is distorted in to the form of a metaphor for me it still showed me where i was heading.

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I had an experience before going to sleep - that I was floating in the air in another room of the house. However I didn’t look down + see my body like they describe in an out of body experience.

Several things happened where I wasn’t sure if they were OBEs or not.

1)I thought I was awake. I was sitting in bed. My brother was lying next to me, asleep. (As kids we had sleepovers sometimes) I looked at the door and the door was open. I thought that was strange and I pushed it closed. I laid back in bed and heard the door open again. I pushed it close. This time I watched the door and saw it open. Without thinking I said “I challenge thee.” This giant dark creature with glowing blue eyes stepped out from behind the door and TACKLED and into my body. Then I went into a normal dream.

  1. Sat up in bed again. Looked at door which was open a crack. Dark tendrils began to poke through. Noped back into body.

  2. Had a dream. In middle of dream I was pulled out and felt myself being pulled from my body by this creepy dark genie looking creature. It told me it could control my dreams. I told it to prove it and it sent me back into the dream and made it really good. Then I was pulled back out of the dream again. It told me it would make all of my dreams perfect and however I wanted if I would “submit” to it. I said no. It made me feel weird. I don’t remember what else happened but I woke up the next morning exhausted.

  3. Sat up in bed. Roommate asleep across from me. Room was dark. Dark creature with glowing red eyes appears behind me as I ponder what’s going on. Hisses that it will have me in the end. I generally ignore it.

Then there were a few times I feel like I actually astral traveled to places, like one time where I closed my eyes and I didn’t even fall asleep, it was like closing your eyes one place and opening them in another. It was a beach. Nice. A giant hand picked me up and I heard voices arguing about how I shouldn’t be there, but another voice said it was ok and I got set back down. I wandered a bit, then got lost and scared and suddenly I was back in my body.

Second astral travel I was in a gym. It was night. I had actually been in an insomnia episode very paranoid over demons being around. I was still in this mindset so was pacing around the gym very nervous and confused over what was going on. Then I saw someone slowly appear in the corner. It was Jesus, and he was fixing a bracelet I had of him that had broken. In my paranoia I had worried it was a sign he hated me now, but him fixing it for me showed that wasn’t true. I was still freaked out that Jesus appeared though so I ran to hide. He came over anyways and placed the bracelet by me, then he touched my forehead and said gently that it was time to go back. I felt warm and then I was in my body. But I freaked out at first because it didn’t feel like my body. I heard heavy, slow breathing and I felt like something was on top of me and I was stuck. Then I was fully back in my body and realized the breathing was my own. Weird experience.

Lol I didn’t mean for it to be that long!

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Well, I can post some proof here that OBE is indeed real

"Here is significant scientific and anecdotal proof that the NDE is the Spirit leaving the body and not just effects of the dying brain. This proof is from all the top experts in the field of death, dying and consciousness.

First and foremost is the research of Dr. Ken Ring, one of the deans of Near-Death research. In one of his books Mindsight, Dr. Ring investigated 31 blind people who had near-death-experiences and or out-of-body experiences. 80% of the respondents claimed that they were able to see when out of their bodies, even those who were congenitally blind (blind from birth). Congenitally blind people don’t even have a concept of sight; they only dream in audio. Many of these people had flat brain waves and were in cardiac arrest in hospitals. Five of them saw things that could be verified independently. I will ask one question of the scientific community. Without eyes, in cardiac arrest and with flat brain waves, what did these people see with? Unless all the participants in this study are lying, this particular phenomenon cannot be explained from the current scientific theory of material reductionism. The theory of Occam’s Razor would suggest that this is a real event."

And even more…

"The patient reported subsequently that she was awakened out of anesthesia by the sound of the pneumatic saw, and then felt herself pulled out of the top of her head and viewed the operating room from above the neurosurgeon’s shoulder. She accurately described the 20 doctors, nurses, and technicians in the room, 17 of whom she had never met, and several peculiar details of the unique pneumatic saw used to cut open her skull, the cardiac surgeon’s surprise at finding the initial femoral artery too small to use, and the music playing in the operating room when she returned to her body but was still unconscious. She reported that after her heart had stopped and the blood was drained from her body, she went through a tunnel into a brilliant light, where she met many people, including several deceased relatives, who warned her that if she did not turn back she would not survive the operation.
The meticulous monitoring of this patient allows common physiological explanatory hypotheses to be addressed. This case cannot be explained by temporal-lobe seizure activity, because brain waves were continuously monitored. It cannot be explained by reconstruction based on overheard conversations during the operation, because the molded speakers in her ears blocked out any possible hearing, and her brainstem responses showed absolutely no response to auditory stimulation. It cannot be explained by reconstruction based on observations before and after she was anesthetized, because she accurately described people, equipment, and events that were not observable to her either before or after the procedure."

That said, I have had a few OBE’s… first time when I was 20 and floated outside my body to accurately see and describe what was going on around me.
Another time when I was 24 and attempted controlled astral projection ro a particular place and the person who lived at that place many miles away reported seeing me visibly appear in their house.
Seeing and describing accurately events over 6000 miles away, and even participating in them to cause an outcome…
A friend of mine practicing astral projection and me seeing his astral body appear as a shadow person…which would tell me that at least some of the shadow people you see may be people out of their body…

Could either be your schizophrenia or astral projection which is a way you can float out of your body and go to places or your soul just float

I had a heavy hit of depersonalization last year… it was deeply panic triggered. Lots of people on the thread gave me great ideas how to cope.

i had one very long time ago, but during that time i think there was no youtube, and i didnt have computer so that i could research what has happend that time. But I totally believe Near Death Experience.

It’s not proof of anything.

It’s an illusion.

Yeah I actually had an out of body experience when I was tripping mushrooms with my best friend a couple of years ago before I was even diagnosed. It was crazy. We were both sitting in his basement and we were pointing at eachother and we’re like, “no you maan! you!” and I just lifted up into the sky in euphoric bliss. I’ll probably remember that my whole life…

But yeah pans is right. It’s not real or anything. And in my case we were just really high. It just feels really cool, or at least mine did. It’s not like we’re actually leaving our bodies for real.

yes, but ’ muggles ’ have this aswell, it is as far as i know pretty normal.
i have had to fight another entity to get back in my body, but i found it fun. ( i am so warped !! )
take care