I can't stop thinking about


With the extreme temperatures a lot of the US and Canada are having right now, I can’t stop thinking about how many people after going to die because of it.

And then also how many stray animals?

How many homeless?

I have friends in Chicago/Milwaukee and their heating is already having trouble keeping up.

Is anyone else freaking out about this? I’m starting to kind of obsess and I know I just need to think about something else, but I’m really worried for everyone’s safety.


Yeah, it breaks my heart to be honest.

I was making dinner earlier, and I started thinking about the homeless out there.


I hate extreme cold, does so much damage, feel sorry for those who have to work in it no matter what.

Sadly many will not go to shelters, hate the system and is probably part of their mental illness and end up freezing, feel sorry for those people


They don’t often tell you but a lot of people pass with the heat too. Especially older people who just don’t cope. I’m sure there’s spikes in the deaths during such events and that sort of stuff just isn’t reported.

All’s I know is I can’t change things at that level. I’m not that powerful but in my world I can buy a fan for an older relative. I can check in regularly or find someone in my family group to do those things. My family is good and we do those simple things regularly.

It drives me nuts that there’s no climate change for these people…and yet there’s once in a lifetime events over here that happen every two years these days!


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