Another arctic front coming next week...sad

I am not ready. I hate winter…it’s hard on the homeless and outside pets…please bring your dog or cat inside when it’s bitterly cold please…


I feel you @jukebox, as I walked to work this morning and found no one was there in our area. It’s another storm day for students across the province, go figure. Luckily for me, I only live only about five minutes away.

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In this winter we have had quite warm. Even some bicycle paths have melted.



Every time you guys have severe weather you mention outside dogs.

It make me sad to think about homeless animals,

But if you are seeing animals being kept outside purposefully during this time,

You need to contact the authorities.

Those animals don’t deserve that and can’t help themselves.

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@Charles_Foster I have already contacted the authorities and nothing was done…I don’t know why but it’s the way it is. I think it’s because the pound is full and can’t take anymore dogs.

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