I can't remember if I really used to believe in my so-called delusions. Any wisdom on the matter will be welcome

Looking back at my past actions and utterances I only see a stranger, any pretence of continuity of my identity long gone. I’m no longer anyone in particular, which ties in nicely with my occasionalist conviction that I’m being created anew every single instant.


It does not sound like all the delusions you “used to believe” are completely gone to me. You are not being “created anew every single instant”.

Well, I’m not saying that the old beliefs are gone (half-hearted as they might be) but that I’m increasingly losing the ability to relate to any my former selves.

I guess that’s a good thing?

Good how? Mind you, I’m not disagreeing.

Well it seems like you are saying that you have distanced yourself from the old you that had more delusions and can no longer relate to him/them. I can’t see how that would be bad. The less delusions the better IMO.

I’m failing to express myself, apologies. The “delusions” are more or less the same as before (and half-hearted as always) but it’s also that my weakened sense of self is leading me not so much to live in the present as to exist only in the present.

Well that doesn’t sound so good. Sounds a bit like depersonalization to me. Do you feel like everything is not real?

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I know it’s not real.

Right right, you believe everything is a simulation of some kind, right? Something to do with a deal between you and the devil to create the world or something. I’m faltering in my understanding of your beliefs. They were pretty complex if I remember correctly. So I may not fully grasp them.

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I find that the delusions seem to be real till they get interfered with medication or a strong chat or coincidence. After a while I know that this was a delusion. I lost a lot of baggage of the past to move on with my days. It’s still difficult to get motivated in the mornings, but my head is full of affirmations to do deal with it.

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I’m no longer convinced that the term simulation is the most appropriate. I’m willing to concede that the universe is material and best described using a deterministic form of quantum mechanics.

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How do your ideas mesh with things that existed before you though? How do you explain your parents lives for example if you and the devil conspired to create this reality?

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Doesn’t all this thinking and trying to figure out exactly what state your in get boring. Maybe you live too much in your head.

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I certainly live too much inside my head, but what else is there? :crazy_face:

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The closest explanation would involve some form of Last Thursdayism.


Other people and physical endeavors.

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I think most of us have our own personal delusions - but as long as you retain some sort of insight with them, and dont act upon them, most of us should be fine.

In fact i reckon it would be quite a good book - if everybody here wrote them down, probably quite comical too.

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