I can't remember DX

I can’t remember what happened after my sister said something to me yesterday. According to my youngest sister, I was acting really off, trying to cut myself on barbed wire fences, and I even penned “Kill me” onto my arm. Picture enclosed here. I’m really beginning to freak out now, because i don’t remember any of this happening. Can anyone tell me what the blackouts are?


I do not know what this is. I’d call my pdoc and make an appointment.

I hope you get this figured out and get better.

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thanks for that. I’m just really starting to get scared of myself.

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This sounds like what they call a dissociative disorder.

Here’s a link to NAMI’s take on it–


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A fugue state. 15 char.

I don’t know if it is a full on dissociative disorder or what it is…

Yeah full on dd is rare. There’s blackouts with seizures, alcohol blackouts, benzodiazepines, strokes and encephalitis. Blackouts are also associated with borderline disorder, is that a possibility? Only a doctor can tell you for sure.

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Defiantly call the pdoc. As it hits the weekend I think your justified of going to the ER if you can’t get hold of him/her. If nothing else talking to a doc at the ER might help ease your mind a bit.

I’d go to ER if this continues. Have you been taking sleeping pills or some other drugs? They can make you sleep walk or do things you don’t remember.

@Maggotbrane I apparently have traits, but as I am only seventeen they cannot legally diagnose me borderline personality.

@Dreamscape If I go to the ER they’ll send me back to the hosiptal,which I rally don’t want to do.

@Comatose I don’t take any kind of drug except my prescribed medication: Prozac in the morning, Geodon at five in the evening, And Seroquel and Prazosin at nighttime before bed.

I really understand that fear of the hospitals but you are blacking out. It sounds like it might be the best place for you.

Chances are you wont be put into hospital I’m not a doctor to make that call. But I’d feel better if some doctor even your GP takes a look at you. As it could be anything.

I can’t get an appointment with my main psychiatrist, as he is always on vacation and crap like that… my mom is also joining this site under the username MomGotYou XD so she’ll be able to see different posts by me and stuff.

It’s great that you have a supporting mom! I wish I did. We can’t talk about my illness at all. She’s into spirits and stuff.

Siunds like my dad… im sorry you can’t talk to your mom. That sucks badly.

You could have a split personality.

i doubt that,though it would be interesting, wouldn’t it? XD