I can't help or testify because this website keeps censoring me! What should I do?

I’ve tried to contact people and help them but I haven’t found a way to PM them at all, like my abilities were taken away. I’ve been a member of this site going on years and I don’t know what I did wrong to anyone to get censored so much! I need people to understand that even though I served in the military I’ve had hallucinations since childhood and strange ideas inserted into my mind. It’s rough, because I don’t know if anyone could handle the things I’ve been through. It’s been with me my whole life, and it feels like targeting and harassment to me.

So tell me what I should do next? Contact the humanoids that live under the earth’s crust???


You have a disease. Nobody is targeting you. When you try to convince other sick people to stop taking their meds and share in your delusions, your messages will be deleted. This is a forum for support, not a place to try making people sicker.

I never once messaged a person saying they should stop taking their meds and YOU KNOW IT.


If you want to moderate and do something good for the site you should learn to tolerate the forum.

By the way, you’re the farthest thing from being a ninja or a star.

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So what did you want to talk about. Also if it is hallucinations I pretty sure that many on here will be able to sympathize with you. The inability to pm is because your name is greyed out. Forgot what that was called. You could still try to talk to people just that you would have to do it by commenting on posts and starting your own. I believe your current status is because the mods thought what you said was against forum rules. I think with the guest status you get a limit to how much you can post in a thread as well.

Anyway what’s up man? Are your hallucinations worse or anything? Are you still taking your medications or are the current ones crapping out.

I just got my invega injection today, I’m not acting out or doing anything wrong by accessing forum archives and seeing other vets on this site trying to get help there’s not sin in that whatsoever.

I’m just trying to stick up for myself and I’m being shot down at every chance because I think outside the box and have and edge ahead against some lazy mod.

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Hey no problems here man. You can still try and tell people what you’ve been through you just have to moderate what you say a little bit so the mods don’t take it down. I just saw the pdoc today as well. Going to try and pick up my meds on monday. Despite what you think I doubt anyone on here is against you.

Trying to convince other people to share in your delusions is against forum rules. You are very familiar with this rule, since it’s been explained to you thousands of times. It’s not my fault you keep choosing to break it.


I’m not on this website much of the time, but you can talk to me. Veteran to veteran.

I understand where you’re coming from. Hey, what happened with the rTMS?

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So the thinking is consistent and happening, my mind is as real and happening as anything else as well. I am not one to tell you if it’s real or not, whatever it is your experiencing. I’m just saying there are better ways to depict this experience, as you and I know we both just want to live simple decent life’s, and having this reasoning in a brain that is already crazied and lunned, isn’t the greatest cup of coffee in the morning.
ultimately try to wake up.

Change the way you see it, change the way you interpret it, change your inner ideation

I haven’t been on this site for nearly a week if not MORE. I get on and I find data that was provided to me BY THE SITE ITSELF, and I get shot down with the forums moderator mini guns and they’ve censored and removed at least three of my messages in just 45 minutes of trying to catch up with my messages. It’s nutso they’re really just swooping down on me like crazy birds or something.


I’m curious what that data is but you can’t tell me because if what you say is correct your post will be deleted. Best advice I can say is to try and work around it. Or help in other ways.


I think you have veteran-specific needs, so you’ll have to make a decision as to what’s in your best interest.

@neveragain is there anything positive from your last week you can share? :slight_smile:

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I’ve been getting my second week done of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, it’s like a shock and a tapping on the scalp. I’ve finally mad eit up to 120% magnetic frequency, and it’s gotten easier to get everything stimulated the right way. I DO have veteran specific needs @kindness . I’m trying to get over the war but it started when I was in basic training so the war has been intrinsically involved in my life I’d say.

But things are getting better for me I’m starting to verbalize things more to people around me and wanting to talk more instead of being a dumb mute.

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Cool, it sounds like the rTMS is helping. What about VA groups? Like for alcohol.

Um I’m stuck on drinking kindness, I’m just stuck on it. I’m about to get nutso drinking tonight in fact. But that’s because I don’t have to wake up at 6am again to drive state to state to get my rTMS therapy in a college town that seems impossible to drive in LOL! It’s just nutso.

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I know I drink too much, but I’m not ready to change everything up yet until I’m set for therapy. I can ALWAYS just get in my car and buy the alcohol to get me drunk you know right? I’m a very functional schizophrenic but I get VERY irritated by symptoms and want to drink it all away essentially.

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I understand. Go easy on yourself. You’ve been through hell, yet you’re still standing. Give yourself some credit.


I’ll try, it was something else.