I cancelled cable!

I can’t afford cable. Food and supplies are going up too high. And I want to buy a harp, lol, just a handheld. Anybody else cancelling cable?


I have never had cable just internet. I had Netflix but just cancelled it. Just watching Pluto tv.


I used to want to get a harp back in the day. I was so surprised when i realized the big ones cost thousands of dollars!

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I can get a handheld one for $60-$70.


I just got cable internet a short time ago. I’m paying less than what we were for our crappy internet we had before and its many, many times faster. Don’t have cable tv though.


I pay nothing, my parents pay for internet, arabic iptv, Netflix and Prime. I use my cousin’s Disney+ account. I rarely watch TV. Mostly I watch movies, youtube, series on my cellphone. We have Fiber internet 1Gbps.


I had that option when I was selecting the plan for ours, but honestly, I thought it was more than we needed and just got 200mbs. It actually tests faster than that. Our old internet was giving speeds of 2.5mbs. lol. It was ridiculous.



Same too its too much for us but before I had 60mbps for 35$ and it was slow for us. Then they knocked on our door and I told them I pay 35$ for 60mbps, they offered me 1Gbps for 55$. Here the price of 120mbps is 55$ and 1Gbps is usually 100-110$. We’re 5 heavy users in the house with constant visitors, used to be 6 users.

3x 4K TVs with 4K Netflix Youtube etc My brothers game on PS5 and I game in PC. My parents watch iptv or Youtube. I often have to download 60Gb game updates. I think we’ve been 6yrs with them and they kept increasing price a few dollars every year, now we pay 65$ for 1Gbps so its still a good deal.


My internet isp is Bell and they recently added a 3gbps tier, they offered it to me for 120$ I refused. 3gbps is insane and not needed unless its for business with 100+ computers. Not for homes! I saw on dslreports.com forum home users excited to have gotten 3gbps, I think they have an addiction and are insane lol


Yeah, the company I am getting my internet service from has 10gbps is some areas I think. Its not available here though I dont think. On the plans for ours it only went up to 1gbps. We will probably have the 10gbps available here sometime soon I would guess.

Seems like way too much to me. lol. I wont be switching.


I watch TV for free. I have a smart TV and Roku. I get Netflix and YouTube channel and Comedy Central on my TV.

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Yup. We recently cancelled too.

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I gave up Hulu. Sh!t! How much TV does a person really need anyways.



I have Sling streaming service that I sometimes use for news and such but I think I’m wasting my money on it atm. Haven’t used it in like a month.

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I have amazon prime and the ufc channel. I havent had cable tv in like 20 years.

When i was at my parents in my teen years we just had the rabbit ear antennas

I don’t have cable TV anymore. Wi-Fi is cheaper with a streaming TV box.

Um. I just upgraded to 1.5 Gbps down and 1 Gbps up.

I’m kind of a ho for Net speed.


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I only pay £25 a month for cable broadband

Did not buy into the TV packages as they were a lot more money

Netflix, Prime and Disney+ is more than enough for me

Don’t even watch TV anymore, not live anyways

If you have the streaming services, you’ll be fine

My parents complain about the cable TV they have as it’s all repeats. But the sports they watch a lot

I just have a Roku tv and everything that comes with that, oh and Prime which I’ve never even used. I’ve watched TV a few times in the last year since I moved in unless you want to count YouTube music videos so I can listen to music because I don’t have a stereo.

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