I came back earlier, Inaugural address

if someone who hates America started selling out America to globalists and shipping jobs overseas so they have better jobs than Americans then why is it so far out to think this guy might not have been born in america after reports of just that?

Not surprising considering they are in such remote, rural areas, not exactly coming in through the well lighted main streets.
and sadly, it’s not much different from where they come from.

Can you blame them for wanting to come here to have a better life?
If Americans only knew how good they have it to be able to consider their safety a “right”.

in America crime is lower in rural areas. because poverty and stress decrease IQ and rural areas have lower rent, lower taxes, lower prices on fuel and food too.for instance blacks commit half as much crime in rural areas than blacks who live in medium or big cities.

I think crime ‘seems’ lower in rural areas because
most people don’t bother to report it.

that’s racist, the only reason blacks commit so much crime in cities is because they make a fraction of what a white or Asian makes and rent, food, fuel and taxes are all higher in cities. murders hardly ever happen in rural areas.

From the global perspective I must state that economically strong America and Russia in addition to the EU is great for the world. What Trump is doing is great, although many people do not know this yet. I know I may think in many ways similarly to the ways Israelis are doing. America should be happy that Trump was elected.

Why did you use the ‘r’ word

If you feel that way about autism?

what ‘r’ word? …

You posted a few days ago: sometimes I feel so retarded

and bringing in Mexicans to work and paying them bottom dollar to work which predisposes them to commit crime just doesn’t sound like an awesome idea to me.

Back in 1999 some people called me ‘retarded’ … actually they used also many other names …

You would never say

Sometimes I feel so Parkinsons

I can’t believe how Parkinsons I am

Ok whatever …

Are you on the side of Trump or against?

If you’re talking to me…

you aren’t even in the ballpark.
No one is talking about blacks, so don’t pull out the racist card.

murders hardly ever happen in rural areas…??

Where do you get your statistics?


I don’t like him

But I liked his tv show

Trump is the fulfilment of my dreams …

I read the news and statistics reports. you basically just said “oh, the criminals in the country just don’t get caught”

He’s all yours, We’ll pack his bags and send him your way in the morning…what was your address again?

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