I came back earlier, Inaugural address

Politics of his come here any way … shows in local elections in this year. The US President has strange ways to influence the political environment also here.

His new commerce secretary is a billionaire

Not going to help the people who voted for him

https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://static.prisonpolicy.org/scans/bjs/usrv98.pdf&ved=0ahUKEwjGhqbNxrrRAhXD5CYKHXAuAxY4ChAWCDAwBw&usg=AFQjCNFfJyhX_2JGYOFMiRubyQSrobABJQ&sig2=Z6bDFfQvJodP2MML3z7r7A found some statistics

I hope you listen better than you read.

Try re-reading my post again, you might be surprised.
When you’re finished, come back and tell me what I really said before you get so offended.

I think Trump helps Russia to recover which is good here … we are so close to Saint Petersburg, Russia … back in the 1980s I studied some trade with Eastern block … things have changed, but what is happening is good here.

i read it correctly, I know what you were implying.

We’re not supposed to talk politics on here anyway

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You’re too far out in left field.
obviously you’re not paying attention.

I know … so let’s not talk about politics …

we’re not? oops.

If you understood what I wrote, I didn’t imply anything.
I said crime seems lower if folks don’t report it, not that less crimes actually take place.

Good grief you can twist a fact so far around you don’t even come across as credible.

Music I am listening now … yes I am too American, back in 2000 they did not want me to return here because they had analyzed I was too American, they said it so . and when I returned back in 2002 they were sending me back to America … true … funny… well here I am, a paranoid sz person …

your English isn’t good then.tu Americano anglais non bueno.

3rd generation born and raised in California bud, where you from?

I said you said the same thing.

Your knowledge of English isn’t as good as you think. Tu no eres bueno.

see if a crime isn’t reported, it doesn’t mean the crime didn’t happen, it just means they didn’t get caught and convicted.

You didn’t answer my question.

Who did not answer your question? … I was just a little child who wanted to take over the world and was born in the world … it is a curious question from where you are … I suppose I was born at one hospital although I nearly died at my birth… well lived any way … here I am.

@Csummers I’ll share:
to x9 by any #
take the # you x9 by and -1,
Then use that new #+what #=9,
the two #'s = the answer.

Seems a bit convoluted. Why not just multiply by 10 and subtract the number.

7 x 10 = 70
70 - 7 = 63 = 7 x 9