I came back earlier, Inaugural address

Did anybody read Trump’s Inaugural address? I thought it was quite good and practical, good things are coming for Americans …

I hope your right…at least war with Russia will be put of for 4 more years…

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I’m hopeful. 1515151515

I watched it live.

We will make America strong again.
We will make wealthy again.
We will make America proud again.
We will make America safe again.

alot of people are cracking jokes and acting scared. i didn’t vote for trump but i say give him a shot. i don’t agree with him most of the time but he doesn’t have absolute power of america remember he has to follows laws too.

there’s a few jokes and rumors speculating that baron trump (donald trump’s son) is autistic. which i think pushes things too far. leave the kid out of you hating his dad.


There is nothing wrong being slightly autistic, some autistic people are incredibly smart … my childhood friend ‘Hillary’ is a nurse who takes care of autistic people in my little town, well ‘Hillary’ did not win, I even may be slightly autistic …

my brother and one of my closest friends are autistic. there’s nothing wrong with it but to say that about a kid who may just be nervous about being in the public eye and making fun of him is just wrong.

i don’t know how to write what i mean.

Did no one else hear the words spoken softly after each sentence?
it said “For the trump dynasty ONLY.”


I actually genuinely believe that Trump is a good man.

I know more than I tell, for example George Soros is against Trump, back in 2003 Soros was in Helsinki and talked against Putin and the economical development of Russia, he tried to influence people so that they would not have trade with Russia, but then the economy of Russia started flying and everybody who was in Russia benefited greatly … what did Soros say in the end of 2008 to the Senate of the USA …

don’t know, but what is good for Russia is good for Trump, and the Dynasty.

I can’t like anyone who cuts the funds for the humanities, arts, and above all, public broadcasting.


I do not use any public broadcasting … I do not even watch TV … or listen to radio programs …

Back in the early 1990s there was one Finnish businessman who worked with George Soros, you should know how much damage they did to the banking system of Finland, now that businessman is dead, as been so for many years … Soros just talks bs.

I would rather have a greedy ■■■■■■■ who talks with Russia nicely than an evil ■■■■■■■ who enjoys war…and couldnt care less about its victims…

I’ve learned so much from PBS, they have ‘Sesame Street’ in the USA, ‘Plaza Sesamo’ in mexico.
When I was on a business trip with my 1st husband in Las Vegas NV back in 1994 I stayed in the hotel watching sesame street, and I learned from this show how to easily x9’s by any number in the multiplication table- at age 30!

I’ll share:
to x9 by any #
take the # you x9 by and -1,
Then use that new #+what #=9,
the two #'s = the answer.
For example,

4x9= 36

(3)+what(#) =9?
so the answer to 4x9= is 36

2x9=18 …2-1=1, (1)+(8)=9, (18)
3x9=27…3-1=2, (2)+(7)=9 (27)
4x9=36…4-1=3, (3)+(6)=9 (36)
5x9=45…5-1=4, (4)+(5)=9 (45)
6x9=54…6-1=5, (5)+(4)=9 (54)

See, all the 13 years in public school couldn’t teach me what one episode of sesame street did.
just think of all the kids out there who got smarter from PBS. Me as one.


I don’t know, Trump deserves a chance.
I’m just worried that he is going to privatize Medicare.

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I heard their plan will allow you to use your health deductibles as a tax write off

the comeback is real, mjseu.

just kidding.

Me … Israel … can not be … I am here in Eastern Finland … :smile:

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