I call them "children of the second house"

That’s what I call adopted kids. I had an adopted brother who died at this time 7 years ago. It’s just a tribute to him. Good or bad, he was my brother.


Why would your parents want to adopt if they didn’t do such a good job with their own?
Society pressures?
Was he a relative? Kid in need of (any) parents?

Sorry for your loss, it’s still difficult to lose someone you live with, how old was he when he died?

@Csummers perhaps he knocked on the door and said nobody can look after him and asked them
to take him in?
That is what I would do if I had nobody to look after me.

He was 69. Social pressures to adopt I think was their reason. My sister and I were born after they adopted my brother. No relation, just a baby in need. He tried to look up his birth mother but was told he couldn’t.

You remind me of the parable in Greek scriptures. “Keep knocking… and the door will be opened”. Is this the tradition of the Jews? I mean this is a good way to beg for help.

I don’t know if that’s the tradition of the Jews, but that’s what I would do if I have nobody to look after me.
Another option is try to go to welfare authorities, but I don’t know what they will offer me.

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