Adoption is an overated institution

It makes destructive people.

yes i think more so if they lie about it i mean look at ted bundy ahhhh! run away

Three of my siblings were adopted. They are doing fine and are not destructive. Do you know any adopted people? I know alot of adults who were adopted and they are pretty successful.

when i was young i would wish and hoped that some one would turn up and say , "your in the wrong family, you should be with us !! ".
i spent along time wishing for that…they never came…
take care

I hope not. My kids were taken and adopted.

Yes, I had an adopted brother 3 years older than myself. And I’ve known others. There is a better chance if they are adopted by relatives but I am convinced that a total loss of family creates an unbarable insecurity.

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i knew someone who was adopted and she was a really nice person, she did have some problems with her birth mother though which was distressing her, was a shame,

i like kids, if i couldnt have any then i think i would have to adopt (doubt if i’d be aloud though) :frowning:

Yes, but that point is moot (total loss of family) if someone is adopted when they are so young that all they know is being with their adopted family.

The first 9 months (the womb life) are the most needy and where the need develops. There is so much attachment there. It is very naïve to think one can rip a newborn off without consequences.

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Have you seen a movie called Orphan? A couple adopted a nine year old girl. At the end of the movie the 9 year old turned out to be a 34 year old woman with dwarfism. :smiley:

Then I guess the argument is a medical one. How much does a fetus know about his surroundings and how do we really know the level of attachment the fetus is making to his birth mother while in the womb? What constitutes attachment? Can we really know for sure what that attachment is besides being physically carried inside the mothers womb. l? Is it measurable?

No, I haven’t seen that movie. It must have been awful.

I have been told that fetuses are quite aware of their surroundings and recognize others they were around before they were born.

Adopted kids often “impress” people because they don’t show the normal and smart shyness of little children.

Well I know they can hear sounds while they are in the womb but how do they recognize someone they’ve never seen? By voice?