I bought a Digital Camera

I like photography and i took a bunch more pics again today with my phone, a camera would have been so much better, so i went on to Gumtree and just bought one for £20, hopefully it all works completely fine, it looks brand new and the box was there undamaged. :slight_smile:


Sweet!! I should get out with my camera more, it used to be one of my favourite hobbies. Post some pics for us


I have a few birds and some trees


I love the picture of the huge pine tree, with gnarled Roots. That’s pretty cool

Nice :+1:


Its a beautiful tree, must be over 100 yrs old at least, I love trees, i have begun to name them and each tree looks like a different character,

The guy that was chopped down is called jack and he doesnt know why the man came with the chainsaw, he wasnt harming anyone and his friend Trevor was furious and was asking the other tree’s why he was targeted but no-one knew and that is why a lot of those trees live in fear and the poor pine nearby is harvested in large groups and i counted the rings on a few stumps today some rather large 50-60 yrs old, I’m not sure how much money you’d get for all of that wood and if it is worth growing for so long.

the pine is looked down upon by some of the bigger stronger tree but its not a bad thing bc trees need a hierachy too, The beech trees are top dogs and my Trevor is top dog, the pine cluster in groups but that is not their fault bc they were planted that way and live in fear, they know it is unnatural,

Trevor and his friends were all planted by man and they wonder for what purpose they fear, still each year they spread their seed hoping that it may be carried by an animal and planted in a special lace free from human hands, it is the only hope they have to be free, they feel enslaved.

The large Tree is called big fats and he lives in safety of the country park. he was planted when it was a zoo and the elephant was taken out, there is a funny story about the elephant.

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I’ve never been great with a camera. I bought a basic Kodak digital camera just over a decade ago. I’ve not used it much, not at all in the 40 months I lived here.

Alastair Campbell on Twitter does ‘Tree of the day’. You may well have seen that.

Its not easy to get use to but it starts with looking at the beauty of things more intently and trying to capture the sweet spot, I just started by going for walks and snapping the scenery, i guess if you are not getting out then thee is nothing to take pics of,

I havent seen that but i like that guy, he is a patron of a good mental health chairty i know of

It depends on the camera and the application. I use my phone camera heavily now because it’s the one I have with me most often.


ah nice that you bought a camera =)
pretty cheap.


yea i was enjoying taking pics on my phone and they are usually good quality, ii’ve had a lot of fun with my phone and i will still use it, this new camera has a better zoom and quicker to tak pics, so no more fumbling around trying to set it up, the battery has been dead for about a year though so it might need a new battery and it needs an sd card.

£20 is pretty good and even if it needs a new battery and an sd card it is still cheap for what i got, the girl that sold it was part of a large family of Asians who all stayed together in a big house, big garden and 4 or 5 top cars in the drive, merc, bmw etc, they said it had only been used once or twice then lay in a drawer :frowning: such a waste.

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Just bought some batteries, a wire and sd card, it worked enough to set it up and connect it to my phone, the picture quality is good, various functions including panoranic, the zoom is a lot better than my phone, its easy to handle and pocket sized.


that sounds good. i hope you will enjoy having the camera =)

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Lots of people think they’d like to become more adept at photography, they buy the best cameras thinking it will last forever, but they end up they don’t use it and don’t know how to work it it,

This one looks simple, and i hope i am not one of these people but they end up selling really good cameras that may only need a new battery which can be bough cheaply online.

I guess its better to buy it cheaply second hand to sort of test the waters (it does come with risks) but i’d get use to taking pics on your camera phone first before committing,


Woah you really are talented

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