Bonsai Trees

A little hobby of mine is caring for bonsai trees. I think they’re so beautiful. Anyone else on here have a green thumb and love plants?


i would love having one.
yet they are so freaking expensive, and in all honesty it wouldn’t get the care needed from me

i would like too have fake plants, yet they are also freaking expensive

You can get a nice cheap one on eBay for $20-30.

oh thanks will check

its amazing how they made it look lifelike, in comparison too all my plants.

I have an orchid that will turn three years old on July 17. :sunflower:


Do you have a picture, BakedBeans?

The only picture is my mom standing beside the orchid in an old raggy nightgown. Will take another picture soon.

Oddly enough I don’t have a bonsai. That is one thing I haven’t done yet.

I am a gardner and landscaper. I work for the city gardens and parks. People were giving me their sick and dying plants and I would nurse them back to health and soon there was no room for me in my apartment so I give a lot of plants away as gifts.

I have three little trees I bought to make bonsai. One I am butchering. The other two my brother is going to train for me. They appear to have possibilities.

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I’ve always wanted a bonsai tree. How old is yours?

Lester, it’s 5 years old.

I’ve seen these for sale at whole foods! I would love one but I would probably just forget to take care of it

I’ve heard orchids are hard to grow.

Mine are 1-2 years. They don’t have their final shape yet but it’s suggested. You can make an instant bonsai by finding a nursery tree or shrub that has a good branch + trunk structure at the base and lopping it off at the right place. It already looks old. You should do some reading first.

My orchid came from the grocery store. The florist told me to make sure I put these fertilizer spikes in. :white_flower:

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I’d like to try that. The last two orchids I bought gave me bad allergy symptoms. I try not to look at the orchids as I go by because one might tempt me.