Went to feed the ducks with my support staff, it was a lovely walk around the lake

I got my 10.000 steps in too. The council make sure the roses look nice every year. Not the best photo as council doing a bit of maintenance on barrier of lake.


Gonna say this again @Bobbily: Get yourself a photography blog or album online. Your photography is good enough to share. I don’t say this to a lot of people.


thank you very much @shutterbug

thats only taken on a iPhone 15. My support staff has the latest Samsung galaxy 24 ultra (I think) and they take amazing photo’s. His photo’s we’re much nicer then mine.

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Sounds like my kinda day out :grin:

The iPhone 15 and Samsung 24 are nearly evenly matched camera wise. It looks like you were shooting into the light some and it flattened the colours. Your composition was fine. I have seen you share some really nice photos. A bit of practice and you’ll level up. Seriously consider this d00d.

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I used to have a DSLR camera. A canon d350 back in 2006 and because it was a chunky camera I was self conscious with using it in public and didn’t use it much on both occasions I was in India, particularly in public… I read loads of books on photography. I much prefer an iPhone for photography.


I walked by our lake today. It stank like :poop:. :nauseated_face:

I started with the EOS 300D as my first dSLR. I wanted the 350D but wound up with the EOS 20D instead. Tougher version of the same camera, really. I got a 350D last year to play with. I wil l take it out in the next week or so and get some pics for you from it. :blush:

Nothing wrong with this at all. The best camera you can own is one that inspires you to go out and make some images with it.