I bought a Behringer amp and another guitar cord

Per @DMAdataANDmoodanalysis’s recommendation, I bought an amp and another guitar cord to hook up to my digital piano and Focusrite Solo 2nd generation recorder. I consulted an expert at www.musiciansfriend.com and that’s what they told me to buy. Oh, I forgot to buy a microphone! Oh well. Some other day. My friend sings and plays the guitar, so I need a microphone to catch her vocals for when we are jamming.



That’s a Behringer recorder. I have a Focusrite Solo recorder and a Behringer amp. That’s cool though.


Oooo I gotcha. It broke though :expressionless:

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That’s the ticket to town.

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Great, Gina. Keep us informed through the next few years now and then, or tap my on the PM side to say hey and how it’s going. :d

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How did it break?

My focus rite has fallen on the carpeted floor several times due to my clumsiness and I don’t know if it still works. I have yet to try it. It didn’t have far to fall.
I got my (very large) Behringer amp and second guitar cord in the mail. I have yet to take then out of their packaging.

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