Ethical Conundrum

A very close and dear friend of mine passed away in June. He had a large amount of guitars and musical equipment, and he left it to myself and two other friends in his will.

The catch is, that most of the recording equipment I can’t use. He wanted me to have it, but I have no use for it. Is it horrible of me to sell it, or give it away? I’d hate to see it go to waste, but it’s things that I can’t use

There is a large amount of it, and I don’t have the space


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Maybe you could see if some of the other friends would want it?


You made up your mind 10 minutes ago.

Out of the three of us, I’m the only one that might be interested. The other two guys don’t do any recording at all.

I guess I could put word out on the musicians Network, that there is free equipment to be had. It would be a shame to see it go to waste sitting in my garage

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Talk to the administrators at a local school. A lot of them would love to be teaching the kids how to use this stuff, but there’s no budget for the kit. This way you would be passing on your friend’s love of music to a new generation of musicians.


Why not just throw it into the garbage?

I take it you’re not aware of the value of good recording kit?

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Its fine to sell, sell it and donate some money to charity snd keeo the rest


Thanks @ozymandias that’s an excellent idea. I’m sure Dan would be happy with that. I would rather that than have it just sitting collecting dust to my garage


I guess. Now I am thinking of getting myself some old steal.

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